Tankred Tenneckermann



Size: 6ft. 5in., 210 lbs. with a huge build and broad shoulders.
Age: 31
Eye Color: Grey
Hair color: Silver
Distinguishing Features: Tankred is an extremely large and muscular man.
Birthday: 12th day of Pflugzeit, 2506 years since the founding of the Empire by Lord Sigmar.
Astrology: Born under the sign of the Bonesaw
Dooming: Beware the balancing of Verena's Scales
Religion: Sigmar


Tankred and his brother Eldred (Mercenary, ex-Tradesman) are smiths from Scheinfeld in Middenland. Both men were drafted into the Storm of Chaos as boys to support the war effort, and this exposed them early to the horrors that man and chaos were capable of. As they grew older, they were not content to settle into a tradesman's life in the bustling town. Perhaps it was the old Kislevite Bear Tamer and his tales of Ursun, but one day Tankred wandered off into the woods and slew himself a bear single handed. After that, he wasn't content to be a lowly guild journeyman. He and his friends formed a mercenary company and left for Marienburg. There they found some work in Bretonia and later Estalia and even Tilea. Those jobs offered little excitement though, as they were often barracks duty and soon back in the forge. Then they met an elf that offered them a position in the Border Princes and the company accepted.

Tankred is a big man, made almost entirely of muscle from working in the smithy. His eyes and hair are the color of charcoal ash. His nick name comes from his size and coloring. That and his tendency to roar, both with laughter and fury.

He and his brother currently man the forges of Pauda-on-Avon while not scouring the markets for scrap metal, or patrolling the city. Their work tends to put them in the center of town gossip as most residents and travelers rely on them for repairs to household goods and equipment. Eldred seems content with his new home, but Tankred is getting restless and would like to see more action.


Parents are dead. He has one younger brother. Tankred is not married, and has no children.


Tankred Tenneckermann's Character Sheet


  • Sword


  • Axe


  • Main Gauche

Main Gauche

  • Goblin's Teeth

Goblin's Teeth

  • Beast's Horns (under construction)

Beast's Horns

  • Troll Splitter (under construction

Troll Splitter

  • Cassandra (under construction)