Johann Wilhelm Woeller


Size: 5ft. 10in., 145 lbs. with a long-legged build.
Age: 32
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Yellow
Distinguishing Features: Johann has a broken nose and a strange smell exudes from him.
Birthday: 26th day of Nachexen, 2505 years since the founding of the Empire by Lord Sigmar.
Astrology: Born under the sign of The Witchling Star
Dooming: The written word will be your doom
Religion: ???


Johann showed an incredible aptitude for medicine and anatomic studies as a child, a fascination that was seen as strange and rather morbid by not only his family but the people around him as well. Fortunately, Johann had a charisma about him that charmingly disarmed the suspicions of many who came in contact with him, often to their eventual detriment.

Finding that Bechafen was too small for him and offered nothing of any great interest, Johann took to traveling about the empire at the age of 19, convincing unsuspecting villagers and townsmen to invest in his skills as barber-surgeon (a position he most certainly did not hold in any guild) to perform unnecessary bleedings, surgeries, haircuts, and dentistry. When the people of the visited town grew restless and outraged at his often ineffective procedures (and downright awful haircuts), he would placate them with dazzling knowledge and silver tongue. When his fraudulence came to light, in one way or another (sometimes taking years), the villagers ran him out of town. Johann learned to cut loose when men and women suspected him of cheating them, and when that failed to cut loose in time he learned to move quickly and with great haste.

Eventually finding himself in Altdorf, Johann was drawn to the great university. He enrolled there (mostly using fraudulent means), gained access to the libraries there (also through fraudulent means), and began using the facilities (sometimes by impressing the professors there with his medical knowledge gained through field work, but mostly using fraudulent means). Life was great for a while as he familiarized himself with the etiquette of academics and nobles, and fostered his natural curiosity about the body. He often “borrowed” many of the books there, some of which remain in his possession to this day. It was here that he developed an unnerving love of bleeding with leeches, and an obsession with delivering fantastic haircuts.

Unfortunately Johann is a radical and, given the political climate following the Great Chaos Invasion, his overly curious attitude and generally bizarre experiment ideas (grafting mutated limbs on normal humans; proposing the theoretical possibility of half-human, half-elf progeny; attempting to keep alive a head after the body’s death; the attempt to find the soul in the blood extracted by leeches; and experimenting with haircuts as a method of attracting creatures such as swans, frogs, and, of course, leeches) earned the ire and suspicion of the academics in Altdorf. “Borrowing” even more texts he found most useful and interesting, Johann took to travelling once more.

His time among the university and the towns of the Empire proved to be extremely useful in his travels. Though he was by no means certified with any guild or university his acquired skills earned him passage through the land and a few opportunities to experiment a few poor and unsuspecting citizens. Eventually his travels brought him to Padua-on-Avon. He resides there now, attempting desperately to ingratiate himself with Princeps Ludovic and gain a permanent position to pursue his radical experiments in peace

Johann Wilhelm Woeller's Character Sheet

Borderlands Adventures

Johann awaits a great opportunity to prove himself worthy of the Princeps Ludovic's favor. He has managed to force himself into current events, largely through shear luck. It was happenstance that he was collecting leeches by the river when he witnessed the theft of horses by what turned out to be members of the Silver Sleuth and pursued those horse thieves, and it was happenstance that two unrelated thieves should enter his shop and run out without paying for the services that Johann rendered to them, causing Johann to pursue them as well. He followed them to the Main Street where we found Tankred Tenneckermann (Leader of the Silver Sleuth), Wilhelm Hechland, and Vaervenshyael Tallaindeloth all chasing these same thieves and simply fell in with them, much to their confusion. When a fight broke out at the Inn he, along with the other three, chose to maintain order at the Inn and witnessed one of the thieves' cohorts die by the sword of another. The killer was none other than a representative of the Robber King in the North, and with his death Johann found himself just where he wanted to be: In a position to finally be noticed by the Princeps. It was not, however, Ludovic that took notice this time. It was the Master of the Horse and Proud Witch Hunter Maximilian Morningglory.

When he was called by Maximilian, Johann answered as quickly as the others to render his services unto The Master of the Horse. A prisoner had been taken in the engagement, a mute with seemingly no way to communicate with anyone. When Johann and the others presented themselves they found a furious Maximilian, one who explained the delicate relationship between Ludovic and the Robber King that was now threatened because of the altercation. When he announced the intention to extract information from the mute Johann instantly volunteered to accompany the Master of the Horse and the Priest of Morr, Leopold Weinrich, in order to witness their techniques at information extraction. What he saw there both shocked and greatly excited him.

It was here that Johann's hypothesis from long ago was seemingly confirmed. While at the Altdorf University he proposed a connection between the sanguine humor and the soul and expected to be able to find this connection in the blood he extracted through leeches. When the Priest of Morr spilled the blood of the Mute and the Mute's ghost appeared to answer the questions of the Master of the Horse (who, along with the Priest, did his best to keep Johann quiet during the process), Johann immediately recalled his prediction from his days at the University, and upon the end of the information extraction he shouted his barely restrained reaction: "I KNEW there was a connection between blood and the soul!" The Priest of Morr did not take kindly to this "connection" and Johann was immediately rebuffed in his attempts to obtain more knowledge about what he witnessed. Despite this rather harsh refusal by what seemed to be the greatest source of knowledge available to Johann he walked away undeterred in his search. He was given new orders by the Master of the Horse to review the day's happenings with his companions, and to relay the desire that they keep themselves available to the Master of the Horse. This did not, of course, prevent the four of them from going on their own adventures.

Tankred, it turns out, has a good deal of common sense as he had set out a watch on the river near Padua-on-Avon. Reports came back that two figures were seen fleeing across the river, and the four companions (Johann considered himself very much a part of this group now) set out to chase these figures down. It was assumed at this point that these two figures were the thieves that got away, and Johann has debts to collect.