Padua-on-Avon, commonly called Padua, is generally located in the northwest "Badlands" in the foothillls of the Dragonback Mountains.

It is nearly 90 miles south of The Black Gulf and the Zondri Trail, also known as the Arabyan Trail, that runs the length of the Black Gulf coastline east to Barak Varr in the Varenka Hills and south to points trans-Dragonback Mountains oft considered Arabyan.

The River Avon runs out of the Dragonback foothills south where it feeds swamps and grassy plains. The Avon ends far south in the Marshes of Madness, well off the known maps of the Border Princes and the Badlands.

Blue Face Orcs and Broken Nose Goblins range west of the Avon and cis-Dragonback Mountains and control the Avon south, well before arriving in anything truly Arabyan.

Surrounding area of Padua-on-Avon

Padua is surrounded by hilly scrubland. The hard won arable land is irrigated from the Avon in the scrub plains west of the settlement. The plains give way to foul lands of geysers in the shadow of an isolated peak of the Dragonsback Mountains. To the east a large, forested plain drives a wedge between the scrubland of plains and hills firmly controlled by the Arabyan sheik Abdul Al'Shar the Tenth. The sheik states direct lineage to Abdul Al'Shar, the first Arabyan warlord to raid the Border Lands. The lineage is questioned, but does not stop the sheik from regularly send emissaries to Padua to lay claim on the lands of the princeps.

The Sheik Abdul Al'Shar's claim is only backed up by a known ruin four miles south on the Avon thought to be Arabyan in origin. The Sheik is rumored to sit at a throne in a similar ruin 40 miles to the west on the River Nehr Al'Dem, literally the Small Blood River.