Leopold Weinrich

Leopold Weinrich

Race: Human

Career: Priest (Annointed Priest)

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
36 28 35 26 33 33 31 28
46 38 40 36 38 43 51 43
Secondary Profile
0 13 3 2 4 0 0 3
1 17 3 2 4 1 0 3

Skills: Academic Knowledge (History), Academic Knowledge (Theology), Channelling, Charm, Common Knowledge (Border Princes), Common Knowlege (Empire), Gossip, Heal, Intimidate, Magic Sense, Perception, Read/Write, Ride, Speak Arcane Language (Magick), Speak Language (Classical), Speak Language (Reikspiel)

Talents: Acute Hearing, Lightning Reflexes, Master Orator, Petty Magick (Divine), Public Speaking, Strike to Stun, Suave

Armor: none

Weapons: none

Trappings: Holy symbol, robes, common clothing, prayer book, writing kit, raven-quill pens, dream diary

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Size: 5ft. 8in., 165 lbs.
Age: 67
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Grey (short)
Distinguishing Features:Tattoo
Star Sign:Dragomas - The Drake


A curious boy, Leopold watched his mother die during the storm of chaos. Literally. He sat there and watched, full of curiosity, as she wasted away after a wound to the head.

Knowing not what else to do, he buried his mother and then traveled to Nuln. He joined the cult of Morr as an initiate.

He kept out of the way and mostly out of mind for years before a Priest had a dream and told Leopold to strike out for Padua-on-Avon. There the initiate would finally become a priest.

It took many years for him to reach Padua, and he was indeed a priest by then. He has been here ever since, diligently performing rites and burying the dead so that Undeath may not have them.