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The documents provided below are made available to assist players to create first career PCs or plan career paths.

PC Generation

Creation, Careers, and Modifiers

The Career Compendium Appendices, including generation with career and regional modifiers.

Official Character Sheet

The official character sheet and spell grimore.

Dave Graffam's Character Sheet

This character sheet is just exciting to look at... as well as puts information at your finger tips.

Dave Graffam's Expanded Character Module

There are some random tables in this are pure gold for fleshing out aspects of your character!

Career Entries and Exits

The careers presented in the Career Compendium were kept faithful to the original source material presentation and layout where deemed appropriate, so readers would know how the information originally appeared, and could decide how they chose to integrate content from other sourcebooks. For greater convenience, we are pleased to provide this web enhancement which provides updated career entries and exits in an easier to digest format. This web enhancement retains the original information presented in the Career Compendium, but also provides the entry and exit paths linking many of the careers found in sourcebooks other than the core rulebook.

Complete Resources

Below you will find links to DriveThru RPG to purchase original PDFs. The first list are core books that will be regularly referenced in the campaign. The second list are additional books in the WFRP 2e collection.

Core Campaign Books

Nice To Have

Also Available


Campaigns, Adventures, and Setting