Udrin Sor-Valdir



Size: 5ft. 7in., 105 lbs. with a thin build.
Age: 70
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair color: Smoky
Distinguishing Features: Udrin wears a silver charm around his left wrist, which is an artifact of personal sentimentality given to him by his mother. He also wears a very distinctive gold, silver, an jeweled hair comb in his hair. This comb identifies him among Elves as a scholar of the Sor-Valdir family. He can be distinguished otherwise by his characteristically Elfish long hair, which is kept in a braid, interwoven with a silvery metal, for practicality, and a vicious scar on his left arm.
Birthday: 32nd day of Kaldezeit, 2453 years since the founding of the Empire by Lord Sigmar.
Astrology: Born under the sign of Mammit the Wise
Dooming: Death leaves the water to find thee on land. (While wholly an Imperial concept, Udrin has dwelt within the Empire for many years, and so has participated in this superstitious human practice as an amusement)
Religion: Raised to worship Asuryan (Elven High God), with special reverence for Lileath (Elven Goddess of the Moon, Dreams, Prophecy, and Forgiveness).

Titles and Notable Awards

  • Hero of Helmgart - Awarded for actions to save the city during the 2252 Fire of Helmgart and further actions to end a plague that struck the city.


Udrin is a fairly sheltered High Elf "child" who has yet to reach 100. The scion of a fairly well to do Altdorf household, the powerful Sor-Valdir Elven merchant house in the Empire, whose members are proud warriors, wizards, and nobles. However, due to his young age, he is restricted in his activities, he is not generally permitted outside of the Elven compound. He is, however, exceptionally intelligent, and is bored with studies and tutors. So he takes to perusing the forbidden sections of the family library, with a particular interest in magical lore. This leads to a conflict with his tutors, who seek to restrict his activities. As a form of rebellion, Udrin steals several books, including a grimoire, and runs away. Having little money or other means to support himself, he takes up with a merchant caravan of the Streicher family as a scribe/accountant. The work is simple for him, but it lets him see the world that he had only read about and provides him the opportunity to study as they travel. Unfortunately, it also brings him to Helmgart and the quarantine.


Father is alive and well, mother has died. He has one older brother. Udrin is not married.


Udrin has worked for some months for the Streicher's as a scribe, accountant, and merchant. He has made friends with Wilhelm Streicher, the master of one of the family's caravans.

Udrin has made friends with Albrecht Alder in the Library of Verena within Helmgart, who has served as Udrin's patron there at the library and allowed him access to the library's books.


Raised by a family retainer, Cavendil, who was overly restrictive, and who is, even now, searching for Udrin.


Udrin Sor-Valdir's Character Sheet

Udrin Sor-Valdir's Grimoir

Finduilas, Udrin's horse

Mirimor, the faithful draft horse of human breeding, but we try not to hold that against it. Once deceased, is now reborn of magic and the substance of shadow.

Udrin's Journal

Scholar Notes

Udrin's journal is actively being translated from the original volumes. Recent findings from the period suggest the perspective of Udrin's journals may be in question, but they remain an important work of the period, especially accurate, if Elf-centric.

Selected Pages from the Translation by Magister Stehmahr Von Althausen


Udrin traveled with the Streicher merchant caravan for some months over the southern Empire. In his travels, he heard of the rumors of food and supply shortages in Helmgart. Seeing an opportunity to make a numerical gain, he convinced Wilhelm to send a caravan loaded with food and basic supplies to the city. These items could be acquired inexpensively en route, but would garner high prices in a region suffering shortages. Udrin, unfortunately, did not have the whole story, and did not expect the quarantine.

All was not lost, however. His caravan did indeed turn a sizable profit, as the Markgraf Manfred von Rechtshausen was sorely in need of supplies. Udrin was also able to sell the skills of himself and the caravan men to the Markgraf. Using his not-insignificant mental prowess, Udrin helped organize the logistics of the supplies, while Wilhelm Streicher set his men to work as fresh, strong labor in manning the meager warehouses. It was while he was compiling the numbers of living and dead, as well as the supply inventories that it rapidly became obvious to Udrin that Helmgart would be lost unless a solution was rapidly found.

So it was with the same naive, yet adventurous spirit, that Udrin volunteered to aid the motley band setting off to find a solution to the problem. After all, trusting a knight, a halfling, and a bunch of dwarves to solve so complex a problem seemed ridiculous. The younger races would surely founder if not for an Elf at the reigns.

And so they set off, in what amounted to a thoroughly non-adventurous, and really quite dull climb up the Grey Mountains Udrin felt that this really wasn't much more exciting than riding an ox cart, and he really should have brought a book. Up and up the switchbacks, climbed Udo Hengkfish, Tibalt DesRochers, Skalfkragella Karginsdottir, Nunrun, and Udrin. Till at last they reached a quarry at the top. Once there, they encountered a small band of green-skins, and a pitched battle was fought in which Udrin was heroically injured.

The fight finished, Udrin tended to a wounded, maddened human while Tibalt investigated the surrounds. There he discovered an orc abattoir in which they were slaughtering refugees, and a few survivors. Udo and Nunrun took most of the refugees back to the city, while a single survivor Mordrin remained behind. This thoroughly and uniquely unpleasant Troll Slayer joined with our intrepid heroes to complete the meat shield duo accompanying Udrin and Ella upwards on the mountain.

With Udrin's skilled help, the orc trail was located, and the party adventured upwards toward the mountain vale. The climb was long and arduous, through a natural cleft in the rock and over rickety, orc crafted bridges. At last they had reached Groz Zorn. Signs were everywhere of green-skin defilement, but Udrin bravely led them inside. Therein, Mordrin attracted the attention of a vicious giant spider. This beast nearly ate the Dwarf, had Udrin not risked life and limb to defend him. With Udrin's mighty sword, and the help of Tibalt and Ella the spider was laid low. Udrin, barely clinging to life, dressed his wounds and prepared to lead the party ever deeper in to the goblin held darkness.

The party journeyed onward, finding a shrine to Valaya that had been desecrated and converted to a dark shrine of Hashut. This revelation drove poor Ella mad. It took much of Udrin's considerable influence to move her onward and into the library. There, she lost it further, when it was revealed that the library had been completely ransacked. Unfortunately, the shelves were not quite bare. The remains of the shelves were covered in a fungal growth to which Mordrin and Ella fell prey. This was somewhat humorous to watch as the Dwarfs could not stop scratching in uncomfortable places, but soldier on they did.

With some effort Udrin and Mordrin managed to get Ella to focus enough to journey onward. More rooms were searched, including the quarters of the high priestess. There Udrin recovered several Dwarf holy texts. Eventually, in a barricaded room containing the remains of a single Dwarf, the object of the quest was found. A book of Valaya that contained formulas and cures that may relieve the plague in Helmgart. The search continued, but found little else, except a goblin that was disemboweled viciously by Mordrin and stairs that led downward. The party decided that to brave the depths on another day, and took their treasure back toward Helmgart.

On their way downward, the sickeningly purple glow of Morrslieb lit the sky. The party took shelter in the quarry buildings, rather than remain in the open, under the shadow of the chaos moon. In the buildings Udrin tended to the dwarves and created a poultice to treat the kruts with which they had become infected. As Tibalt burned the infected clothes, the dwarves went out to find something new to wear. To their horror, the previously dead humans began to rise and shamble out of the orc abattoir. Mordrin and Tibalt engaged one, while Udrin set the building alight with flaming arrows to assure that no more would emerge. Somewhere in the chaos of the night Mordrin and Udrin made a tentative peace. Truly the chaos moon was shining bright.

The night did not end there. For before the night was through, the evil from Groz Zorn descended upon them. Orcs and goblins, accompanied by a hobgoblin, and their darker masters came down the mountain to investigate the fire. The heroes ambushed them, massacring the green-skins. In the end, the chaos Dwarf and Dark Elf master fled. Our heroes decided not to pursue, but instead retreat to Helmgart to gather their strength.

Helmgart would prove no sanctuary. For the priestesses of Shallya had appeared to have fallen to madness under the chaos moon, and set the city aflame. Udrin was not far from wrong, as the priestess were Plague Wardens, fanatics driven not to cure the ills of the Empire, but to excise them through fire and murder. Together with Mordrin and Tibalt they fought against both the priestesses and the plague dead that now rose from the mass graves, empowered by the chaos moon. Along the way, they met up with a new ally in the city scribe Gustav Jaeger.

Forced to by circumstance, the party split up. Mordrin and Tibalt fighting valiantly against the zombies. Gustav Jaeger worked to save the lives of the local children and rouse the guard to action. Udrin knew that his value here lay not in combat, but in his mind, he sprang to action seeking to rally what men and women he could to set fire brakes and contain the madness. As he advanced through town, Udrin witnessed the visiting Sigmarite, The Most Reverend and Blessed of the Hammer Brother Ulrich Grubener, exit the Temple of Sigmar just before it exploded. Not believing in coincidence, and already suspecting the taint of chaos on the priests of this city, he followed his "holiness".

There he witnessed Ulrich meet up with The Holy Heart Sister Janna Ardlichmann, leader of the Plague Wardens, any carry her wounded form toward the wealthy quarter. They were intercepted and confronted by Gustav Jaeger and the city guard. Ulrich would not be challenged, and set upon Gustav. Udrin was upon him then, as fast as he could be. From nowhere Tibalt joined the fray, and slew the zealot Janna before deftly disarming, quite literally, Ulrich. Udrin then sent the traitor to his final rest.

The next two days were a blur for Udrin. There was so much that needed to be done. As the guards streamed into the streets, Udrin grabbed those that he could and organized the fire brigades. He wasn’t much of an engineer, but he could easily see and calculate where the fire was going. Udrin used his charm to rally the men in an effort to save the temple district, and from there turn the fire back on itself. When all was said and done, Udrin and Gustav had tamed the great fire of Helmgart. It burned for yet another day and destroyed nearly 35% of the city, with the damage contained mostly to the temple of Sigmar and the poorer districts where the close-in, shoddy construction made saving the city difficult. Fortunately, the efforts saved the extremely flammable Temple of Verena. But with so much of the city destroyed many residents of Helmgart found themselves without shelter. As quickly as their homes burned, agitators rose up giving fiery speeches about how the Markgraf should provide housing for the displaced, especially those whose homes were used for the fire breaks. The Temple of Shallya, which miraculously survived the flames, tried to house as many people as possible, but the displaced greatly outnumber the available space and some residents forcibly inserted themselves into the homes of the richer citizens.

As Udrin fought the fire, Mordrin fought the undead. As the night wore on, Mordrin's foes were felled by the dozens. But the night is long, and his foes endless. His strength started to flag, and he was clawed by hungry zombies and stabbed with the arm bones of those he severed. In this fight, he was not alone, as mounted on his trusty steed, Tibalt rode down what zombies he could find. As dawn broke, and Morrslieb sunk below the horizon, the fight finally left the plague dead. Mordrin's strength finally failed as the chaos moon disappeared behind the mountain. The remaining zombies fell, leaving a battered and bleeding Dwarf who could scarce lift his weapons. The scene was gruesome. The Dwarf was barely distinguishable from the corpses. Luckily the townsfolk were too distracted to see how the Dwarf had maimed their dead kin. Stumbling into the common, the Dwarf was practically pushed into a lye soap bath by the Shallyan priestesses where the scrubbed from him the filth of the undead and the traces of the kruts. He was then first tended to by the garrison barber-surgeons, that did nothing for numerous cuts and gashes, all fouled by zombies. Deadly infection from the necrotic, chaos ridden flesh had all but settled in but the light of Shallya took care of it. They tended as well, to Tibalt, whose wounds were great. Tibalt’s armor was sent to the Dwarfs to be repaired from the many rents dealt to it.

Udrin meanwhile gave not one thought to the Plague Wardens. Which is a shame, for death would have been a blessing. The fallen priestesses of Shallya, fleeing the city that did not understand their efforts to save it, ran right into the arms of foes from the mountain. They were taken, perhaps to be slaves, or worse. Not all of them met that fate, however. For it was later discovered that two of the guards at an undermanned gatehouse on the Bretonnian side were found stabbed to death, possible with a rapier. There were no witnesses, but it is suspected that at least one of the priestesses escaped into Bretonnia.

With the fire under control, and the efforts of the brigades saving most of the city, Udrin turned to the cure. Together with Gustav, he rallied the cities alchemists and doctors to create the cure. Using his talents, Udrin helped to translate the cure and calculate the proper measurements to deliver a city wide solution. Granny Ella, who also survived the fire, having rallied the Dwarfs of Helmgart in its defense. Udrin brought the torn pages of the cure book to work from and told here where the rest of the book lay in tatters in the stone yard. She saw to it that the book was recovered and Udrin and Gustav had the support and supplies they needed, as well as directing the remaining priestesses of Shallya to tend to their wounds.

As the second day drew to a close, Udrin and his fellows were summoned to the Markgraf. There an envoy of the Empire had broken the quarantine to assess the damage. Though hailed as heroes, there was little rest for Udrin. As a, albeit temporary, member of the Markgraf’s household, Udrin was tasked with working with the city’s scribes to assess the damage. After several exhausting hours, the report was delivered. The city was secure, as the fortress and garrison were intact. So too, the plague cure was identified and being manufactured and distributed in sufficient quantities. It was then that the Bretonnian contingent entered Helmgart and demanded and audience. Surprised by the devastation, but seeing that the town was intact, the Bretonnian lord was convinced that the border was secure. He was also greatly pleased that a valiant Bretonnian knight had carried the day in the city, and indicated that he would be honored to have such a brave knight in his household.

To celebrate the great successes of the heroes, and the end to the plague, the Markgraf called for a tourney. Tibalt was elected to represent the honor of Bretonnia, while an Imperial knight was sought. Udrin could barely muster the energy to notice that the quarantine was lifted and merchants from the Empire were now free to enter the city of Helmgart. This placed him at great risk, as his name and reputation were now public and he was no longer protected from Cavendil by the quarantine or relative obscurity.

The day of the tourney was a full one. Udrin was not accustomed to the human rituals and retreated quickly after breakfast to the library. There, his friend Albrecht allowed him to peruse some of the rarer stacks. In exchange for the change to copy the pages of the Dwarf Book of Cures, Udrin was permitted to borrow a tome on the winds of magic. Too soon it was time for the parade, and then the joust. Udrin, and the other "Heroes of Helmgart", Mordrin and Gustav Jaeger, were seated in theMarkgraf Manfred von Rechtshausen's box, while the knight Tibalt DesRochers competed for the honor of Bretonnia and the right to open the gates on the Bretonnian side first. While seated there, Udrin chanced to hear Klemens Von Durbermann argue with the Markgraf that the burned portions of the city should be rebuilt with stone. Seeing an opportunity, Udrin negotiated with the merchant that the heroes were well suited to the task of cleaning out Groz Zorn and assuring the city that the stone in the quarry was thus clean of the taint of chaos. Business thus concluded, the joust was on. Tibalt represented his people gloriously an unseated his opponent on the first pass.

With the tourney completed the gates were opened. Udrin went to join his friends in their celebrations and bring them news of potential hero work. He chanced a glimpse of Cavendil then, and this gave him pause. He knew his time in Helmgart must come to an end. While at the tavern with his friends, the party was joined by Atosass Leafpriest, an Asrai Spellsinger1 than had accompanied the Bretonnian contingent into the city.

Lacoi na Daroir


Our intrepid heroes agreed to the quest, and so marked the first occasion that the five would form a company of heroes for hire. Mordrin, the Dwarf Toll Slayer, and Tibalt DesRochers, the Bretonnian Knight Errant, formed the sword and shield of the party. Mordrin's mighty hammer crushing his foes, and the armor clad Tibalt's dealing merciless death to all cowards who refused to fight with honor. The Asrai Spellsinger, Atosass Leafpriest, brought the magical support of Athel Loren and its wild forest Spites. Gustav Jaeger and Udrin Sor-Valdir bringing wisdom and knowledge to see the party through where strength of arms would not be enough. So it was that Lacoi na Daroir/Lok Kron Dal-Duraz was born2.

The following morning was uneventful. Udrin used the time study his books, while the others ran errands. As afternoon came, Gustav came to fetch Udrin to the Temple of Verena. There Udrin conversed for some time with Albrecht Alder while Gustav met with the High Librarian to discuss Gustav's portentous dreams. When evening arrived, the party gathered at the Stone Mason's guild and were hosted by Klemens Von Durbermann. In exchange for a small fee, the group agreed to venture back to Groz Zorn and assure the temple was cleansed of filth.

The trip up the mountain was uneventful. They arrived at Durbermann and Son's Quarry without incident. Once there, Udrin stabled his horse and cart. The group then navigated the mountain cleft until they came again to Groz Zorn as evening set in. The meadow was not empty this time, green-skins were drinking by a fire near the temple entrance. Wasting no time Mordrin charged for death or glory. Tibalt and Gustav followed him in, while the Elves provided cover with magic and arrows. Quickly two goblins and and orc were dispatched, while a third goblin escaped deeper into the darkness of the temple.

They journeyed inward; stopping briefly in the defamed temple room. There, at Udrin's direction, Mordrin took his rune hammer to a statue of the great ancestor Valaya that had been corrupted with chaos armor into a crude facsimile of Hashut. The righteous action was rewarded by the hammer and it struck true and strong. The resulting action struck Ato and Tibalt to the ground with the force of the released energy. The statue crumbled under the assault, leaving broken rock and shattered pieces of chaos armor3.

After Ato and Tibalt had recovered, the party descended the stairs. At the base of the stairs was the fleeing and wounded goblin, who was dispatched with little effort. The party then proceeded through a locked door into the tunnels beneath the temple. They passed through well stocked storerooms that held fresh supplies, but little else of value. In side chambers they saw the wizened corpses of Dwarfs imprisoned and long dead. The close in spaces and dead things began to wear on Udrin's nerves and he was unsettled and eager to quit this place.

Before long, they came across the green-skin barracks. There, the foul things were resting and refreshing themselves. Mordrin and Tibalt set upon them with fury. Wave after wave of the foul things came. First orcs and goblins, and then fouler things as the goblins led troglodytes in by chains. Mordrin and Tibalt fought like champions. Udrin supported them with his bow, but as the quarters grew tight, and the battle thick, he enjoined the fight with his blade. Ato stayed at the back and weaved the winds of magic to good effect, keeping the green-skins confused and off balance. Gustav, knowing he could do little on the line, stayed back. After several furious minutes of violence, the green-skins and troglodytes were dead and the group briefly tended to their wounds.

Our heroes continued onward through several chambers. Their attention was drawn by noise emanating from a recently dug tunnel. Following the much more crudely dug stretch, they emerged in a massive chamber containing a black sphere with twisting, writhing runes dancing across its surface. Goblins could bee seen attending to a ritual of some sort, while from across the room, Udrin could make out the unmistakable sound of orders being barked in the foul dialect of a Druchii4. There would be no fleeing from this confrontation, for either side.

The Elves circled north around the sphere, while the others circled south. Time was fleeting as the Druchii cast hist spell. Mordrin was the first to discover, somewhat violently, that the spell was powered by live human sacrifices that had been bound and gagged and wrapped in grey sackcloth. Udrin and Gustav struggled to free the remaining humans as the party circled the sphere in their respective directions. Their actions had the effect of unsettling the Dark Elf's calm. He ordered his green-skin servants to attack. Udrin fought as he could, but was laid low by a mighty orc.

It was Tibalt who saved the day. A valiant charge disrupted the spell and triggered an uncontrolled release of the building Dhar5. What happened to the green-skins, or the captured humans is not known, for our heroes awoke to find themselves in quite another place altogether. Lost in the woods, with only what they had on them and a Druchii beside them. In fury Udrin and Ato set upon the Dark Elf. With the aid of Gustav, they laid him low.

Udrin's strength and fury left him. His left arm was crippled by the orc, and he had barely the strength to stand. His fellows helped him bind his wounds, and looked now for guidance on where to go next. Miles from civilization, and lost in the woods, the party was at a cross-roads. To the south-west it was decided, in hopes that the black magic had not taken them too far. Perhaps Helmgart would be near.

Two days of walking brought them to the town Holthusen. Nearly 100 miles from Helmgart, but no longer lost, the party sought refuge and supplies within. Udrin was weak and pale from the road. His whole body hurts, but he felt strangely energized and his body tingled with a power that coursed through him even still. He desired sleep and food, and not the comfort of companionship. Even if it must be the poorly seasoned human food with its heavy flavors and lack of delicate layered seasonings that entice the senses, and the hard human beds. Udrin felt slightly unraveled about the edges. He was uneasy about the confined depths of that tomb to begin with, what with the icons of chaos, and the remnants of long dead Dawi6. Now, after what happened, he felt something was truly wrong7. He idles his evening charting where the party has been from memory.8

The evening was not as uneventful as Udrin had hoped. Two Elven rangers, Farnoth and Harrond, had tracked the party from the wilderness to the tavern. They joined the group at the table, and then in a more private conversation in the snug. Therein they discussed in mixed Reikspeil and Eltharin the events of the last few days, and this distressed the rangers greatly. At their bidding, the group agreed to venture into Reikwald to the Asur9 compound hidden away therein. Their guides led them deep into the woods in the middle of the night, where their Captain Oldmane met them and bid them make a temporary camp.

Tor Taiga

The party woke mid-morning. This struck Udrin as particularly off, as the plan had been to wake at dawn. So too, his wounds were healed and he was dressed in clean, Elven robes. Upon exiting his tent, he learned that they had reached the Elven camp and the grey wind had been woven to achieve a Bran-Wa-Shin like effect on their memories of the road. Udrin was familiar with this concept, and cared not, for he did not wish to have the memories of the long, painful walk. He younger companions seemed much more troubled by it.

The party was granted hospitality, though somewhat distant due to the presence of Dwarf and human. Eventually they were called before the general of the expedition and to tell their account. Udrin comported himself well and relayed the party's tale in Eltharin, while Ato translated for the party. Their story told, the party was invited to join the battle against the Druchii in the ruins lost Cairnmere10. This they agreed to gladly.

For the remainder of the day, the party prepared themselves.11 Then, when all was prepared, the expedition set off. A night assault was joined! The battle was furious. The heroes assaulted the ruins of the Cairnmere Academy where they were met by Druchii Corsairs. Udrin, Ato, Tibalt, and Harrond fought valiantly and victoriously. On their flank, the mighty Mordrin challenged a Fleshhound of Khorne. By his side were Gustav and Farnoth. Mordrin's mighty hammer would not be denied, and the daemon fell beneath his undeniable blows. Then into the Academy where they furiously battled zombies and patchwork man, followed by yet more daemons. First a chaos fury, and then the dark mage's personal daemonette servant.

Deep within the Academy, the party discovered a new black sphere. Like the first, this second sphere had been activated, but unlike the first, there was no trace of its master. Tibalt was the first to cross into the darkness, the brave knight knowing no fear. Udrin followed, being curious what lay beyond the gate. The rest followed in short order. Through the gate lay a shadow of the past, Cairnmere as it was.

Udrin found himself with Mordrin crashing into a pool outside a library in a strange shadow world. They were wet, and ill from the transition when confronted by Imhol Sor-Valdir, the sagely Elf librarian of Tor Taiga. Udrin quickly smoothed over the situation and was able to secure from Imhol and explanation of their surroundings. From this he ascertained that they were, in fact, in a shadow of a time some 5,000 previous. This was the age of the ascension of Imrik to the throne as the Phoenix King Caledor, before the loss of the Phoenix Crown, before the start of the War of the Beard, before Malekith led the warriors of Nagarythe against their own people, before the Sundering of Ulthuan when the Black Arks were ripped from its heart and the oceans threatened to swallow it, before the artifacts of Isha were lost, before the Asrai were a separate people, and 2,000 years before men were civilized. This was truly the age of legends and of the glory of Elves undimmed.

Udrin took what knowledge he could from Imhol and the library. Time was short, however, for the Druchii were here and their prey would not be idle. Together with the Dwarf, they found their companions, and set off for the Academy of Magic. That was was the most likely location for the enemy to be, as that was were the gate and all its secrets lay.

The party sailed up the canal that separated the Academy from the city proper on an Elven water taxi. Nothing seemed amiss, and the shadows and memories of this place were going about their routines. Along the way Udrin's attention was drawn by Gustav, who was endlessly curious about Elven culture and Ulthuan. Within the Academy a single Druchii assasin struck. This foul creature was no match for Tibalt, whose shining blade cut it in twain. Magic was afoot though, and the spells and effects coming from the tower of Tor Taiga could not be denied. Undeniable power was reaching skyward, visible even to the magic resistant Dawi. Perhaps the High Elves were seeking a futile solution to stave off the impending disaster, or something more sinister was afoot. Pressing onward, the party made their way tower itself. There, the enemy revealed themselves. Not through action, but deception. The tower was shrouded in the cloak of illusion, and guarded by disguised Dark Elves. Unfortunately for the Druchii, their illusions were more real than the shadows of this place, and could not protect them. The party set upon them and made quick work of the guards before pressing deeper into the tower.

As they entered the main chamber a wyvern, Veeldbret, blocked their way. Fear overcame many of the foundlings, but Udrin stood strong. With his bow he did battle, while mighty Mordrin charged the beast. Soon the battle was joined by Tibalt and Gustav. In due course, the beast was laid low by Mordrin's hammer Drung Uzgul12.

Our heroes paused to gather their strength and recover from the fight. In the chambers beyond the wyvern, Udrin discovered the injured form of Harrond. Of Farnoth there was no trace. Upwards then they traveled, to the very peaks of the the tower of Tor Taiga. There did their foul foe, Tanu Hailfinder and his familiar Ussan Tridos make themselves known.

The Druchii wizard was summoning powerful magics through a black orb from the past to bring destruction in the form of falling stars. To what end or how magics woven within the memory could effect the past were never answered for our heroes laid on with a furious attack. Atosass Leafpriest was struck with a foul conjuration before Gustav Jaeger put an end to the Dark Elf. As the Elf died stars fell upon the World's Edge Mountain in what could only be the creation of Black Water. Soon after they began to rain upon the city.

Death seemed imminent, but Udrin had been collecting the amulets the Druchii had brought with them. With those artifacts, he was able to invoke their magical nature and pull the heroes back from the memory, leaving their fallen companion behind. There they were found by the High Elves, who recovered the exhausted and heavily wounded companions.

Over the next three weeks, the party recovered. Udrin, using his knowledge of the historical city helped guide the recovery of key artifacts and site within the ruins, while the more heavily wounded of his companions tended to their wounds. This culminated in the discovery of the ruins of the library and the body of Imhol Sor-Valdir. Udrin laid his ancestor to rest with honors, and saw that the knowledge he guarded was returned to his people.

Return to Helmgart

The road to Holthusen was a long march. Mordrin was miserable and kept mostly to himself, grumbling about how the Elgi13 put up a pathetic fight, and summoned the most worthless daemons. Even their dragon was small and hardly worth the effort. Udrin had not the heart to tell his companion that it wasn't a dragon. He figured the Dwarf probably knew that, but was looking to pick a fight with someone, even if it was his own memories. On the other end of the spectrum was Tibalt. He was as loud and boorish as ever, wanting wine and to mate with the Elves around him. Udrin was fairly sure a few of them would have taken him up on the offer, but Tibalt would have not found it to his liking, as all were male. Fortunately, none of them spoke Bretonnian.

This left the scribe Gustav. His questions were endless, and his curiosity deep. The two passed the long hours with Udrin explaining the events of the past, and how he believed they shaped the world today. Gustav was hungry for knowledge, for much of this history predated the Empire by thousands of years. Udrin passed what knowledge he could. He touched on the high points of that time in history, and of Elven culture and architecture.

Their guides did not care for the talking, but had long given up on a silent walk. With a last farewell, they bid the party farewell within sight of Holthusen's walls. The group made their way into the gates, crowded with pilgrims and merchants. Tibalt and Mordrin wasted little time in returning to Tibalt's favorite tavern to drown their sorrows in wine and ale.

Before they left, Udrin suggested that he find them a merchant caravan to hire on with. This would give them food and pay on the walk to Helmgart. Given recent events, there had to be some traveling that way. The markets were crowded with travelers of all sorts. The sight was far different than the one Udrin remembered. Everywhere he looked, temporary shops and stalls were set up, with traveling merchants doing a brisk business. It was a small matter to barter a trade of Udrin's fine Elf longbow for a human bow, and a few quivers of arrows. This bow and a quiver of arrows Udrin gave to Gustav. In exchange he kept Ato's Elfbow. This weapon was beautifully crafted, having been called forth from the heart the trees of Athel Loren by a Treesinger, whose name was unknown to Udrin. The hawk feathers, and rabbit fur wrap was a bit much, but Udrin kept them intact. These things meant something to the fallen Asrai, and he would not desecrate his fallen brother's memory by discarding them.

Udrin continued his shopping by stocking up on provisions, herbs, and various healing supplies. These were not as easy to acquire as he had presupposed. Supplies were limited, and the merchants were obviously gouging; even more so to an Elf. These items, while valuable to travelers entering parts unknown, are priceless to adventurers, who are far more likely to encounter violence. Much of this he paid for by trading his most recent maps of the Helmgart area. Elven drawn maps at least commanded a premium, for his artistic skill and memory were beyond the reach of most cartographers.

This led to the matter of his black cargo. he tired of carrying the shards of chaos armor retrieved from depths of Groz Zorn. To rid himself of the dire things, he sought a traveling blacksmith on the outskirts of the pilgrim camps. Such a blacksmith would have fewer ties to the Sigmarites, and more reason to want to deal in such an artifact. For the Hell Coins that could be made from it would command extreme prices from the surrounding pilgrims and travelers. It was quite difficult to sell the black armor shards. Udrin was slowly getting accustomed to the ways of the short lived, but their greed and conniving, as well as their suspicion of outsiders made finding a buyer difficult. With some fortune, however, he managed to unload his dread cargo on a traveling blacksmith with the help of Mordrin. The money was far less than he hoped, but his need was desperate. The money did not go far either, it was enough to pay for basic supplies and a few trappings for his fellows.

With supplies secured, it was time to find transport. Herein was a world that Udrin was far more comfortable with. Merchant caravans are notoriously insular, but it is a small enough community. His time among the Streichers gave him enough know how to find an allied trading house. With some tense negotiations, he managed to secure work for him and his fellows with a caravan belonging to a minor house. They had little security of their own and were eager to employ someone with experience. It helped as well that Udrin recognized the signs of the Brothers of Handrich. This eased negotiations significantly with the caravan master Erik Lofgren. Udrin's fellows had mixed reactions to the news. Gustav was elated to be returning to Helmgart. He mentioned something regarding a woman, and a need to gather information for his human cult. Udrin did not quite follow the details. Tibalt was boisterous, lost in his wine, and discussing trading his newly purchased amulet for some woman's favors. Udrin intervened with the last of his newly acquired cash, if only to save the amulet from adorning a "lady's" neck. Mordrin seemed to not care less. It was hard for Udrin to read him when Mordrin was not lost in the violence and fury of combat.

Erik was eager to depart, and so in a matter of a few days from leaving Cairnmere, the party was once again on the road. Tibalt DesRochers would not be going with them. His treasures and glory in hand, Tibalt DesRochers, the Paragon of Paravon, headed home to Paravon through a more southerly route. It was a two week journey to Osburg, though the small villages of Eilhart and Ussingen. The road was quiet if busy with pilgrims and merchants. This seemed to bode ill with Mordrin who craved death and glory in equal measure.

Osburg was overcrowded with travelers. Humans and Dwarfs of all sorts crowded the streets and markets. News abounded about Helmgart, though reports were largely second hand. A dread was rising in Udrin as he heard of the falling star and gromril deposits in the mountains. The recoil of the device did indeed call down a star. What did the Druchii do? A few days were lost in Osburg as the merchants conducted their business. Udrin spent the time much as he had on the road. Keeping watch over his charges by day, and studying his books and artifacts, the Staff of Ulgu and Elven Charm Ring, in secret at night14. Other than the crowds and rumors, there was little to note. Mordrin seemed intrigued by the rumors of gromril, but also be shunned by his own kind. A fact that was not lost on Udrin, who assumed it had to do with his status as a Slayer.

It was another week on the road to Helmgart. The heavily laden carts did not move fast. This fact was not lost on the lawless. Our heroes fended off not one, but two separate bandit groups between Osburg and Helmgart. These desperate men seemed to be comprised of refugees as much as outlaws. Fortunately, none of the bandits were well trained, and the losses and injuries were minor.

At last, 4 weeks after setting out did the party lay eyes on Helmgart proper. The approach to the town was overrun with a crude shanty town comprised of hastily built one and two story wood and mud structures and tents. It was clear that the the bandits encountered earlier were remnants of this refugee camp. Smoke from the city bode ill. Udrin was eager to find the Markgraf Manfred von Rechtshausen and re-establish his contacts, but Gustav diverted the party to a temporary way-house of the Sisters of Shallya. There he was reunited with Sister Perdita Kless. The group also picked up a follower in Ludovic Hasselhoff. This human talked much, but said little of substance. Still, he seemed to know his way around the changed Helmgart and Udrin felt he might prove useful in this regard. Udrin never was comfortable with the lower classes of humanity.15 With little effort and the reference from Albrecht Alder, the party crossed the sealed Emperor's Gate, and entered Helmgart proper. There they sought shelter with the Verenians.

The return was not as expected. It was not possible to fade into the shadows and pass unseen. For one thing, Udrin was the only elf currently in the city. For another, is was necessary to to their status as the Heroes of Helmgart to gain access to the city proper. With this status came baggage that was unexpected. It appears that both the Verenians and the Markgraf Manfred von Rechtshausen sought to use the party for political ends. In return for shelter and supplies, they both wanted to parade the heroes before the populace to shore up the cities morale and their respective political positions. This did not sit well with Udrin or Mordrin, though for different reasons. Mordrin, ever the Dwarf of action he sought a foe the he could see, rather than a battle with ideals. Udrin, however, preferred to work from the shadows and not be stand at the front. At the front he was visible, and thus vulnerable. They could not deny the request, however. So it was that Mordrin sought out Skalfkragella "Granny Ella" Karginsdottir for aid, while Ludovic and Gustav sought out Sister Perdita Kless in order to aid the Temple of Shallya. Udrin meanwhile stayed behind to study in secret, using items he had borrowed from around the Markgraf's estate16.

Affairs soon sorted themselves. Mordrin returned with Baragor Yorrinson in tow. The garishly dressed Dwarf who represented the miners of Clan Dronaz out of Morlenfurt. This new Dwarf and the Markgraf appeared to make an arrangement for the rebuilding of the city. Moreover, it appears the Empire sent a new garrison led by the knight Ehrwig Hofstetter, an arrogant and closed minded man. However, his arrival was fortunate, for it signaled the Empire's commitment to the integrity of Helmgart. The humans seemed content with the manner in which affairs were proceeding. Udrin was growing less comfortable. He was no stranger to politicking or stratification, but the humans seemed to take this to an extreme that risked the well being of their own people. This was demonstrated clearly when the Geldbeutel Jager made his appearance.

It appears a thief by the name of Wenzel Fehrfels had entered the estate by hidden means, while the Geldbeutel Jager had blackmailed Gustav and Sister Perdita into granting him entrance through the front. It appeared this human thief wanted to make a grand entrance. Wenzel stepped from the shadows to place a blade at the Markgraf's back while the Geldbeutel Jager thought to begin a monologue on why Helmgart should remain in chaos. The knight Hofstetter seemed particular ill disposed to hearing this speech and sought to challenge the thieves. Udrin thought this was ill-conceived all around. The thieves for coming in such small numbers and with no obvious escape route to propose a plan that extended the misery of their brothers, and the nobles for initiating a fight when none need take place. With softly spoken words of ancient Elvish the sword dropped from Wenzel's hand. In a flash, Hofstetter was on him and laid him low with his quick sword work. Gustav, Mordrin, and Udrin meanwhile mortally wounded the Geldbeutel Jager. Udrin sought to save the man's life, at least so that his guild could be unraveled. Again, the human's short-sightedness astounded Udrin as the all agreed to a man to end the life of the thief.

So it was that their time in Helmgart was coming to a close. Their political duties done, the party looked to other adventures. The key amulet had told Udrin that Tibalt DesRochers may be in Groz Zorn again. Troubled by this, he sought to take his party there, that they may free their erstwhile companion. Mordrin wished to travel onward through Axe Bite Pass, and Udrin assured him they would after attending to Groz Zorn. The mystery of the orbs concerned him as well. Granny Ella had revealed that more orbs than the three they knew of existed. Udrin was determined to know their secret. Fashioned by Dwarfs for the Elves in a time of legends before the memories of humans, these artifacts had the power to bring untold destruction to the world. They must be found and locked away or destroyed, their secrets to be lost forever. At the same time, Udrin was growing increasingly uncomfortable being at the forefront and dealing with the humans. Their prejudice in the towns, and their presumption and ignorance when he tried appealing to reason was troubling. This would only worsen, Udrin knew, as he entered the chrysalis stage of his magical learning. There was a reasonable enough solution, the human Ludovic Hasselhoff seemed to enjoy talking, and Udrin sought to employ him as his representative.

Claw of Dominion


It was during this time that the winds of magic revealed themselves to Udrin fully. The key it seemed, had been not in the books, but in himself this whole time. Now that he had broken through the wall and summoned the winds to his beck and call, the flood gates opened. Around his the real world faded and was intermixed with the shadows of a second. Udrin saw the traces of death and shadows of despair that stalked the street flowing from the hearts of the humans. He wept for these mortal creatures, now knowing that it was their own ignorant natures that fueled this destruction. In doing so, he only withdrew further into himself, for he could not share what he saw, and it took him some degree of concentration to understand and not react to his new visions in a way that would be off-putting to those who could not see. But in what he saw, he also glimpsed secrets, in the darkness that filled the predators of the night, in the shadow wrapped words of Ludovic; all contained glimpses of deeper meaning and these he committed to his first grimoir, Dassoir Garoir, the Book of Shadows17.

The pleasantries, and human business were soon concluded. Mordrin had seen to the dawi, and now Baragor Yorrisson would oversee the reconstruction of the city. Gustav Jaeger had made his peace with the fate of the Geldbeutel Jager and saw to Sister Perdita Kless. Ehrwig von Hofstetter had come to the conclusion that duty would be best served traveling with the Heroes of Helmgart. Ludovic Hasselhoff was far easier, for him is was a simple monetary transaction. Udrin needed someone to speak for him in public, and Ludovic loved to talk.18


So it was that the group journeyed up the mountainside back to Groz Zorn. On the way, they encountered the maddened Skalfkragella "Ella" Karginsdottir. This poor Dwarf had fallen to madness and darkness and joined the ranks of the dawi zharr19. She was mercifully put down. The party then ventured further up the mountain to find the entrance of Groz Zorn decorated with the bodies of additional a dozen dawi zharr. The hold was silent, with signs of recent struggle and gunpowder burns. Charges had been set to destroy the chambers. The party stopped the bombs, and ventured deeper to find the Druchii gate deep within. This gate was shaped of shadow magic, and Udrin called upon the winds of darkness to power it. Fully charged, the gate opened to allow the heroes to pass beyond.

They arrived in the very heart of darkness. The others appeared lost and confused, but Udrin ascertained that they were now off the coast of Bretonnia, most likely near the Wasteland. More troubling was the fact that they now found themselves in a tower atop a Black Ark, a main war ship of the Druchii Corsairs. These hosts of Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God and Thousand Faced Lord of Murder20 brought death to the lands beyond Naggaroth, led by the Maibd21. The very air of the Black Ark rippled with the dark magic that kept the fortress afloat. The True Dhar that permeated the very rocks of the place unsettled Udrin's mind and set him on edge, he could not focus and he felt power surging inside him that he could not control. While the party examined the room, Udrin studied the gate, which seemed to be reactive to the key amulet. Satisfied, he then moved to the desk to search for documents that may provide clues as to the nature of the doorway.

While there, they encountered Harrond, who was disguised by a powerful illusion as a Druchii. Udrin's awakening talent saw through this guise, and it unsettled him to be fully awakened to two worlds at once. Equally unsettling was hearing the return of the master of the tower. In a rush Udrin took what he could from the desk, much of it High Elven in nature. He then focused his efforts on re-opening the gate as a means of escape. The others did what they could, but only Udrin had the power to open the gate. As the master approached, Mordrin faced him alone. As this transpired, the party escaped through the gate.

Dum a Urkdrakkdrengi Mordrin

Doom of the Wyvern Slayer Mordrin22

On this day, did the Kazuki Mordrin (Dwarf Mordrin – formal), who has taken the Baraz a Drengi (Oath of a Slayer) and been forsaken of throng (clan) and hold, fulfill his oath and redeemed his thrynaz (honor). Herein lies the tale of the doom of Drengi Mordrin (Slayer Mordrin); Gordrengi (Slayer of Beasts); Grobidrengi (Slayer of Goblins); Urkdrengi (Slayer of Orcs); Uzkulidrengi (Slayer of Undead); Trogdrengi (Slayer of Troglodytes); Umgidrengi (Slayer of Men); Elgidrahzdrengi (Slayer of Dark Elves); Urkdrakkdrengi (Slayer of Ork Lizards/Wyverns); Gorakidrengi (Slayer of Wizards); Dumdrengi (Slayer of Doom/Daemons).

On this day, did the company of Lok Kron Dal-Duraz make its way once more into the halls of Groz Zorn, to make safe the karak (mountain). In their quest they found signs and bodies of the cursed Dawi’zharr (Dwarfs of Fire/Chaos Dwarfs). These they did make safe before descending into the depths of the hold. Therein they found no foes, but a gate used by the Elgi’drahz (Elves of Darkness/Druchii). Urkdrakkdrengi Mordrin's Zagaz (Rememberer), the Elgi Udrin Sor-Valdir, wove his magic and opened the gate that the company may follow their foes. Elgi’gorak (Elf magic) or not, Mordrin did lead the way as they passed through to the other side. There they did find themselves within the Claw of Dominion, a Black Ark of the Elgi’drahz.

The company did raid the Claw of Dominion then. Taking from it the secrets plans of the Elgi’drahz and their mad quest to bring dum (doom) to Kazukan (Dwarfs - formal), Umgi, and Elgi’wut (Wood Elves) of the Old World. So too did the company rescue allies from the towers of ark, in so doing did Mordrin settle his dammaz (grudge) against the Elgi Farnoth. Raid concluded, Zagaz Udrin sought to re-open the gate that the company may return from whence they came with secrets and allies in hand. All was lost, however, as the master of ark came calling, and there would be no time to make their escape.

Mighty Mordrin took up Drung Uzgul and went to face the Elgi’drahz gorkai (Dark Elf wizard) and his urk'drakk (wyvern) alone. With a mighty war cry of "Khazuk!" he charged, surprising the elgi’drahz, who he shouldered aside. The Urkdrakkdrengi charged on and met the scaled talons of the urk'drakk with a mighty blow of Drung Uzgul. The beast was no match for the unrelenting assault, and together the two plummeted from the tower’s edge, hammer blows shattering wing bones as both plummeted to their deaths. With a last look at the edge, Zagaz Udrin stepped through the gate and closed it behind him. So ends the tale of Urkdrakkdrengi Mordrin, who gave his life to slay the enemies of the Kazukan, and to give safe passage to the company of Lok Kron Dal-Duraz. We honor his death, as he honored his oath.


The return trip through the gate was not as expected. Rather than find themselves where they started, the party found themselves in a new cavern. Unlike the others, this one had long been sealed, and the group feared they may be trapped. The group assailed Udrin to reopen the archway and provide escape. Udrin could not, however, for his strength was waning and he could not foretell where the gateway would take them. Rather than fall again into the arms of the Druchii, Udrin advised they seek another egress.

Fortunately for the companions, an opening was soon found. For it seemed the cavern was relatively close to the surface and water had carved a small, muddy opening. Though this they climbed, into a cold and rainy evening. They happened then upon a most unusual Halfling by the name of Maximilian Morningglory. This Halfling had apparently been driven from the nearby settlements into the wild. He welcomed company, and the chance to travel with companions. Having little sense of where they were or how to again find civilization, the party welcomed the Halfling, at least as a guide.

The group journeyed north along one of the Empire's roads. For fortune, it seems had delivered them near Dunkelberg and but a reasonable march from Stimmigen. They were once again in the Reikland and near enough to known lands. The march to Stimmigen was long, cold and wet. There, the party found shelter in an inn, and warmth for their chilled bones. Udrin began to sort through his collected papers, while the party decided on a next destination. Ehrwig thereupon informed the party that he could not stay, but must return to his father's house, and then again to Helmgart. Before leaving, he was kind enough to offer credit with the local merchants. Udrin took this offer and used the opportunity to collect some small measure of trade goods that he could profit from on the road.

From Stimmigen, the group set out for Ubersreik. While still hundreds of miles from Helmgart, this city would offer opportunities to recover and reassess the path ahead.


There are a significant number of pages missing from this text, they appear to have been torn out and several Dwarf curses poorly scrawled over the remainders. What follows is a summary written by the translators, and Empire historians, not Udrin himself. -ed

It appears that Udrin and his fellows made their way to Altdorf. Along the way, notes indicate that Udrin was creating some sort of ritual that may have involved High Magic. This seems unlikely, as rumors indicate that he had attained only the Elven rank of Apprentice of the Second Circle on his own. While this feat is unheard of among Imperial scholars as it would have involved the mastering more than one wind of magic within a single human lifetime, we can only assume that it may not have been a completely singular event. From Altdorf, they set off for a Dwarven ruin with several members of the Celestial College. There is some indication that along the way there were multiple skirmishes with Skaven, Dark Elves, and Daemons. Udrin cast his ritual, something about unmaking the mistakes of the past and removing the weapon from the enemy's hands. Based on the overall journal contents, it can be assumed that he may have found a way to disable or destroy the orbs. When it was over they returned to Altdorf.

Some event occurred shortly after their return to Altdorf. This event raised Udrin to the attention of the Colleges of Magic when he summoned a Pillar of Radiance in the center of the city. He had left the location by the time the authorities had arrived, which was found to have been burned to the ground. Further Udrin had been smuggled from the city before he could be located. Some of his journals had been left behind that indicate that he was returning to Ulthuan and to the fabled Tower of Hoeth. No reason was given for Udrin's casting of the spell, or his departure from the city. The magisters were advised, and reluctantly agreed that it was best the matter not be pursued further.


1(Ed note: Asrai means Wood Elf, a distinct people from the High Elves who dwell in the Old World and do not come from Ulthuan. A Spellsinger is an odd term for a Wizard. Perhaps this is something unique to Elven culture.)

2(Ed note: Loosely translates into "Might/Glory of memory/stone". It may have been Udrin's effort to create an inclusive name, Eltharin is complex in its meaning and the Khazalid translation appears to be a simplification. Other sources indicate that a more precise meaning may have been "Glorious memory that shall endure as does the stone". This would seem a very poetic way of including the Knight (glory), Scribe (memory), and Elves (endure), and Dwarf (stone) into a short but meaningful title. This would indicate a highly unusual sense of equality in young Udrin. Such a thing not typically found in an Elf towards the other races. Other scholars debate this, as why would Udrin have chosen "endure" to represent the Elves, unless he meant that they forced to endure the presence of the non-Elves for a time, and thus the name was an insult. Dwarf scholars are prone to agree. The Elves have chosen to remain silent on the debate, as they claim it is not their way to explain themselves to outsiders.)

3(Ed note: It is supposed that it was this moment that effected Udrin with a moment of doubt, and allowed him to fall from grace. Everything that follows may have been a result of his decisions or exposure to the chaos from the armor. Elf scholars debate this as ridiculous.)

4(Ed note: Druchii means Dark Elf in the tongue of High Elves, a distinct people from the High Elves who frequently raid the Old World from the sea.)

5(Ed note: Dhar is a particular kind of black magic used by Dark Elves and Chaos Sorcerers.)

6(Ed note: Dawi means Dwarf, this is a Khazalid word.)

7(Ed note: Udrin was long believed to have a deeper connection to magic than most. It is possible that this resulted from such an intense exposure while young an untrained.)

8(Ed note: The early maps drawn Udrin Sor-Valdir are prized today by collectors. His attention to spacial detail surpassed most human cartographers of the time.)

9(Ed note: Asur means High Elf in the tongue of the High Elves.)

10(Ed note: Cairnmere is detailed in Udrin Sor-Valdir's map collection and indicated to be a lost Elven city. However, he quite explicitly excluded any indicators as to allow easy location of its resting place.)

11(Ed note: Other sources indicate that Udrin engaged in highly detailed conversations pertaining to the nature of Dhar and Qhaysh. What, precisely, he gained from this conversation was never detailed in his journals.)

12(Ed note: Drung Uzgul is Khazalid for Smashing Death. It was a particularly apt, if literal, name for the hammer wielded by the Slayer Mordrin.)

13(Ed note: Elgi means Elf, this is a Khazalid word. The introduction of multiple languages in his journal indicates that Udrin was a true polyglot, and on occasion intermixed the languages.)

14(Ed note: Information contained here, and in other records indicate that this is when Udrin truly began to grasp magic.)

15(Ed note: As an Elf, especially a High Elf, Udrin lacks the frame of reference to understand the condition of the poor and desperate dregs of humanity. Despite his best intentions, the Elf simply cannot grasp the concept of a people that would allow so many to become disenfranchised.)

16(Ed note: Udrin's journal is vague on some details here. His writing appears to highlight his adventures and studies, and skips over trivialities. Therefore it is unclear if "borrowed" items were ever returned. It is also important to note the differences in Elf and human lifespans. Udrin may very well have been intending to return the items, but it might not happen for centuries and thus not appear in these journals.)

17(Ed note: The first grimoir attributed to Udrin appear to date from this period. Scholars debate why Udrin, who had claimed to have spent much of his time studying his grandfather's journal of Hysh would instead have been drawn to Ulgu. Some theorize that between his battlefield injuries and his discomfort with human culture that he sought to withdraw and to hide. Shadow magic provided for this misdirection. Others believe this is pure poppycock and you can never understand the mind of an Elf, being that they are flighty, and fail to take seriously the issues of the day.)

18(Ed note: Foot notes in the column of the page indicate that Udrin treated this transaction as a mercantile exchange. He offered a generous 1 Karl per week and a share of the treasure. This would indicate a henchman or personal servant relationship rather than a standard hired help.)

19(Ed note: Dawi Zharr is Khazalid for Chaos Dwarf, truly a troubling thing to find so far from the Darklands.)

20(Ed note: Kaela Mensha Khaine is believed to be the High Elf god of war and is one of a very complex pantheon that is largely impenetrable to Imperial in its complexity. Scholars believe that the Dark Elves worship his darker aspects as a god of murder almost to exclusivity. Khaine in the Old World is believed to be related to the Dark Elf interpretation, though High Elves argue that this is but a pale reflection.)

21(Ed note: Maidb, roughly translated from Eltharin to be the Brides of Khaine, more commonly called Witch Elves.)

22(Ed note: Completely uncharacteristically, this section of the journal is written in Khazalid with Eltharin notes, as if Udrin spent a great deal of time attempting to word this correctly. Messengers have been sent to the Dwarfs to corroborate these writings and determine if Udrin ever sent them.)


  • Udrin was critically injured fighting an orc.
  • Udrin was given his first glimpse of Witchsight through an overexposure to True Dhar. This experience touched his mind with the essence of pure magic in its most corrupt form, and showed him the true power of destruction.


  • Corruption of the Body You are infused by the Winds of Magic. Gain +1 to your Magic characteristic and you may learn the Dark Magic Talent at any time for 100 xp. However, you no longer receive the benefit of disease resistance.


Includes all opponents that perished in combat with the party who suffered their injuries in whole or part at the hands of Udrin.

Daemonette: 1
Dark Elf: 11
Dark Elf Master Wizard: 1
Giant Spider: 1
Goblin: 5
Human Bandits: 8
Human Thieves: 2
Orc: 2
Patchwork Man: 1
Priest of Sigmar: 1
Priestess of Shallya: 2
Troglodyte: 2
Wyvern: 1
Zombie: 8