Udo Hengkfish

Udo Hengkfish

Race: Halfling

Career: Rogue (none)

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
23 41 20 21 49 31 32 45
Secondary Profile
1 9 2 2 4 0 0 3
10 2 3 4 0 0 2

Skills: Charm, Gossip, Haggle, Blather, Evaluate, Gamble, Perception, Search, Speak Language (Riekspiel) +10%, Speak Language (Halfling), Trade (Cook), Common Knowledge (Halfling), Academic Knowledge (Heraldry)

Talents: Lightening Reflexes, Night Vision, Resistance to Chaos, Specialist Weapon Group (Sling), Flee!, Sixth Sense, Public Speaking

Armor: Leather Jack (Body 1), Leather Skullcap (Head 1)

Weapons: Dagger (DAM -1) Short Sword (DAM 2), Sling (DAM 3, 16/32)

Trappings: awaiting player

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Udo is from a family of Halfling burghers from Altdorf. His father was a clerk in a merchant house, and his three siblings are in similar lines of work in the halfling and human communities around the city.

From a young age, Udo learned that he had little aptitude for hard work, but that he was quite good at convincing others that he knew more than he really did. This translated into a number of career postings that he was entirely unsuitable for, during which he would make disastrous business and personal decisions before absconding with whatever he could lay his hands on. He found that his true calling seemed to be in playing cards, amusing tavern-goers with ribald tales in exchange for free drinks, and periodically talking his way into work-light commercial postings that gave him the opportunity to sell purloined goods out the back door. When his latest such endeavor caught up with him, he found it prudent to hit the road (or in his case the river), investing most of his remaining funds in a boat trip up the Reik towards Nuln. Since then he has been working taverns and small towns, attempting low-level confidence tricks, gambling, and skipping out on minor debts.