Christoff Eckehart



Size: 6ft. 5in., 190 lbs. with a noble bearing.
Age: 22
Eye Color: Grey Blue
Hair color: Black
Distinguishing Features:Shaved head and bright white teeth.
Birthday: 31st day of Nachexen (the After Witching), 2501 years since the founding of the Empire by Lord Sigmar.
Astrology: The Limner's Line, the sign of precision
Dooming: Morr approaches under a false flag
Religion: Intiate of Sigmar's Order of the Silver Hammers


Born and raised in Talebecland, Christoff was orphaned at a young age when his family farm was overrun by beastmen. He was rescued by Templars of Sigmar, but not before his parents had been killed. After their deaths, he was sent to a Sigmarite Monestary, and was seperated from his sisters. There his life was harsh and disciplined, as he was raised by the local abbot. Originally, he was being groomed for a life in the Order of the Anvil, and he was instilled with a near instinctual duty to Sigmar's laws and edicts. However, a chance encounter with an inquisitor of the Order of the Cleansing Flame changed his fate. Wolfgang Ossmann had come to stay at the monestary as he traveled to investigate rumors of heresy. While there he bore witness to the martial prowess and true faith of Christoff. He felt that the boy's talents would be wasted in monastic contemplation. At his insitance, the boy was inducted into the Order of the Silver Hammers and trained as a wandering monk of Sigmar. This was only the first step, however. Wolfgang had further plans from Christoff's future.


Both of parents are deceased. Has 3 sisters; of which he is the youngest. Never been married; has no children.


Christoff is being mentored by the inquisitor Wolfgang Ossmann who has taken a special interest in the development of the boy.


Erik van Langenberg, Grave Robber


Christoff Eckehart's Character Sheet


And so Christoff set off on his pilgrimage from Priestlicheim with only the clothes on his back, the equipment he could carry, and a old, but serviceable hammer. On foot he brought the word through Kortlheim, Volgen, and Klepzig before stopping for some time gather himself in Ravenstein. At each stop, did Christoff speak the words of Sigmar, and his voice carried to the people. While in Ravenstein happenstance would bring a flotilla of river merchants to the town. This was cause for an impromptu market day, of which Christoff was able to partake.

Among the merchants was an amicable fellow who recognized Christoff's station, and invited him to travel on his vessel. For he felt it both good luck, and good business to ferry a member of Sigmar's own. So it was that Christoff agreed and they set out that evening with the intent to sail to Sarno and on to Talagaad. Such was not to be, however. For in the gloom of night a storm came upon them and the barge struck upon unseen rocks. Christoff salvaged what he could, gathered his belongings, and, using an empty barrell as a floation device, made for the closest shore. There he, and the only other survivor of the wreck sought a desperate refuge.

As dawn came, it was clear that Christoff and his new companion, Edwin Roban were on the wrong side of the river Talabec, and their transport had long since sunk. The only sign of it being broken spars above a fresh rock slide that formed a watery tombstone for their lost companions. Christoff performed his morning rights to Sigmar, and gave a funeral for the crew, and then the two set off to find a more civilized shelter from the rain. A long, wet march brought them to Langweise and the inn of the White Rabbit.

There in the inn, Christoff and Edwin found a troubled citizenry. They spoke in hushed tones of the dead rising, and of missing townfolks. To them Christoff gave succor, and prayed with them until his strength gave out in the night. When he arose in the morning, he learned more of the town's troubles. He learned that the Witch Hunter, Erik van Langenberg, was seeking to end the haunting, and that the grandson of the town's founder, a local hermit was believed to be the cause. Young, and full of youthful confidence, Christoff believed he could resolve the situation and set out to do so. He tracked down the hermit's house, and discovered that the man was a collector of the odd an unusual artifacts. The hut had the look of a hedge wizard, or witch. The old man proved elusive, but a fleeting view was at last grasped wherein Christoff witnessed a miracle. The old man transformed from man to bird before his very eyes. Surely a witch to the uneducated, but Christoff was not uneducated. Having been raised among the monastery's books, Christoff recognized a miracle of the Old Faith, or perhaps or Taal. Most certainly not magic of Chaos or necromancy, however. The Witch Hunter was wrong, and a shadow of a doubt began to grow. Upon his return to town, Erik had returned to the inn. Christoff sought to speak with him there. The Witch Hunter was condescending and dismissive, and sought to drive Christoff away. The shadow grew, and Christoff began to believe the Witch Hunter may be mad.

The following day, Christoff gave a sermon outside the White Rabbit. As he delivered the sermon, the local charcoal burner, Siegfried, came into town looking for his brother, Roy. His worry was well founded, for Roy had been taken by the Witch Hunter into his room the prior evening. With little convincing, Christoff, a local farmer, and the inn keeper helped Siegfried to rescue his brother. Christoff then took Siegfried to the hermit for help in treating his brother. While there, the hermit finally confided in them Christoff's worse fears. The Witch Hunter was nothing of the sort, he, and his compatriots were robbing travelers and graves, searching for something. Siegfried returned to his brother, while Christoff went to the inn.

Ripe with the taste for righteous vengeance, Christoff gathered Edwin and Siegfried for the purpose of assaulting the false Witch Hunter Erik van Langenberg's hideout. Together they came upon the barn in which the grave robber and his gang were hiding. Christoff called out his challenge, and Erik mocked him before setting his gang on him. The grave robbers posed little challenge to Christoff's might hammer. In a short time two of them lay at his feet, while Edwin kept the men from encircling him. Meanwhile, Siegfried employed his craft ensuring that the old timbers of the bard served as a funeral pyre for the heretics, both living and dead. In short order the gang was unconscious or dead, though Erik made good on his escape to parts unknown.

In the aftermath, the barn and with it, all the gang's loot was in ruin. Christoff delivered the surviving gang member to the town for his due justice, and to tell the town's father's the truth of their hauntings. He and Siegfried then gave the good news to the hermit, who in turn rewarded Christoff with the treasure Erik had been seeking this whole time, a jade necklace with a seemingly magical stone said to come from a treasure near Talebhiem. Come morning, Christoff delivered his final sermon in Langweise, and set back out on the road.




Humans: 3