Player Characters



Ludovic Hasselhoff

Udrin Sor-Valdir
Elf Wizard Lord

Maximilian Morningglory
Vampire Hunter

Durak Brokkson

Sidebar Heroes

Christoff Eckehart
Initiate of Sigmar's Order of Silver Hammers

Retired and Dead Heroes

Gustav Jaeger
Priest of Verena and Lover of Women

Ehrwig von Hofstetter

Udo Hengkfish Retired
Halfling Rogue

Tibalt DesRochers Returned to Bretonnia
Knight Errant

Atosass Leafpriest Deceased
Apprentice Wizard

Mordrin Oath Fulfilled
Dwarf Troll Slayer

Using the CharSheet Template

The Character Sheet is intended to be have the mediawiki syntax copied and pasted into a new page and edited. See Gimgun Zakazinson for an example.

Using the StatBox Template

The StatBox is a parametrized include, described in detail on the MediaWiki Help pages under Templates (naturally).

Most questions on the use of the StatBox template will be answered there. Sometimes an example is better: Thuramir Jorunnson.