Ludovic Hasselhoff



Size: 170 lbs with a Medium Build
Age: 27
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Medium Brown
Distinguishing Features: Chubby Cheeks
Birthday: Brauzeit the 3rd.
Astrology: Born under the sign of The Drummer
Dooming: Your doom does not believe in sharing the Earth's bounty in equal parts.
Religion: Nominally a follower of the Cult of Ulric.


Ludovic was birthed in a small hovel by Petra Hasselhoff, wife of Dirk Hasselhoff. Growing up in Middenstag was hard. Dirk was a serf for a local Lord, Wilhelm Todbringer, who was a distant cousin of Graf Boris Todbringer. Ludovic tried the life of a farmer but quickly found that physical labor was not for him. Fortunately his golden tongue was usually successful at convincing others to do his work for him, leaving Ludovic with plenty of time to cause trouble. We he was 16 he caught the ire of the Wilhelm over the matter of some missing silver candlesticks and a pregnant chambermaid. Ludovic, unwilling to live with the consequences of his actions, fled the countryside. In the chase that ensued Ludovic's brother Sven was accidentally trampled and killed. Unable to return, Ludovic stayed on the run until he met up with a Maximillian the Fantastic's Traveling Circus. His mother was driven insane by the double loss of her sons and dispeared. His father drink himself to infirmity and is now being tendered at a Shallyan temple.

Ludovic stayed with the circus for 8 years, learning many skills and exercising his charm on the local girls. On several occasions the circus had to cut a run short due to being run out of town, usually due to Ludovic's corruption of someone's daughter. He knows of at least 3 children that bear his likeness. A 11 year old boy in Middleland named Wilhelm (in honor of the Lord that let the chambermaid keep her position), a 6 year old girl named Hilda in Nordland, and a 4 year old boy in Hochland named Sven.

Eventually he was kicked out of the circus after many warnings about his philandering, but he was not unemployed long. Wenzel Fehrfels, the ringleader of a minor group of thieves, rogues, and scoundrels, was quick to see the promise in Ludovic's quick talking and quick thinking. After helping Ludovic out of a jam, Wenzel persuaded Ludovic into acting as a spotter for his endeavors. Since then Ludovic has traveled as part of Wenzel's crew, which has brought him to the recently destroyed city of Helmgart.


Ludovic Hasselhoff's Character Sheet


  • Clothing
    • Well Made Servants Clothing
    • Well Made Merchants Clothing
    • Well Made Priestly Vestments
    • Well Made Dandy's Clothing
    • Average Made Servants Clothing
    • Average Made Merchants Clothing
    • Average Made Peasants Clothing
    • Average Made Travelers Clothing
    • Average Made Peasant Woman's Dress
    • Average Made Road Wardens Clothing
    • Poor Quality Beggars Clothing
    • Circus Costume - Blade Thrower
  • Huge Tome
  • Double Headed Gold Crown
  • Forged Servants Letter of Reference
  • Alchemist Bottles
    • Brown Liquid
    • White Liquid
    • Black Liquid
    • Pink Liquid
    • Black Powder
    • Green Powder
    • White Powder
    • Red Powder