Gustav Jaeger



Gustav Jaeger

Race: Human

Career: Priest of Verena

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
40 31 42 31 26 31 32 31
45 36 42 36 36 41 42 41
Secondary Profile
1 10 4 3 5 0 0 3
1 12 4 3 5 1 1 3

Skills: Gossip; Perception; Common Knowledge (Empire); Academic Knowledge (Religion); Trade: Calligrapher; Read/Write; Speak Language (Classical; Breton; Reikspiel; Tilean)

Talents: Fleet footed; Resistance to disease; Linguistics; Secret Language (Guild Tongue)

Armor: Light

Weapons: Club (walking stick)

Trappings: Common clothes, dagger, backpack, a pair of candles, wax, matches (5), illuminated book, writing kit

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Size: 5ft. 10in., 190 lbs.
Age: 29
Eye Color: Black
Hair color: Yellow
Distinguishing Features: Chubby Cheeks
Birthday: Sonnstill
Astrology: Vobist the Faint
Dooming: The tiniest of Taal's children shalt feast upon thy gut
Religion: Polytheist with special reverence to Verena


Growing up in the small town of Grunburg, Gustav and older sister Claudia each dreamed of the larger world. Despite never leaving Grunburg in her life, their mother Klara could read and write. She knew this skill would be her children's key to the life they sought so she began educating them at a young age. Gentle Claudia impressed a wandering priestess of Shallya with not only her reading and writing, but her quick thinking and determination. When the priestess left town, Claudia went with her. Gustav left a few years latter under similar circumstances. But it was not his wit or determination that impressed the master scribe, Otto Franks, but rather Gustav's ability to form the letters while Herr Franks drank copious amounts of beer.


Recently blinded by pox, Gustav's mother still lives in Grunburg. His father went off to fight in the so-called Storm of Chaos and has not returned. Has an older sister, Claudia Jaeger, priestess of Shallya stationed in Altdorf.


Sister Perditta Kless of the Order of Shallya in Helmgart is Gustav's closest confidant at this point. The two appear to be engaged in a budding romance.


Gustav is currently unaware of any enemies he has.


Gustav Jaeger's Character Sheet

Gustav's Writings

Letter to Claudia On the Night Helmgart Burned

Tibalt's Tilt: A Retelling of the Tourney of Helmgart to Celebrate the Opening of the Gates

Poetry Found Among the Ruins of Graz Zorn

Letter to Sister Perditta from Holthusen

Treatise on the Tactics of Trollslayers

Letter to Claudia from the Echoes of Cairnmere