Ehrwig von Hofstetter



Ehrwig Hofstetter

Race: Human

Career: Knight

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
37 23 32 27 27 28 33 36
52 28 37 32 37 32 33 41
Secondary Profile
1 10 3 2 4 0 0 3
2 12 3 3 5 0 0 3

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Heraldry/Genealogy); Academic Knowledge (Religion); Animal Care; Animal Training; Charm; Common Knowledge (Empire); Dodge Blow (+10%); Gossip; Ride; Speak Language (Reikspiel)(+10%)

Talents: Etiquette; Fleet Footed; Night Vision; Strike Mighty Blow; Specialist Weapon Group (Flail); Specialist Weapon Group (Two-Handed), Weapon Group Training (Cavalry)

Armor: Heavy, Full Plate

Weapons: Lance, Morning Star, Sword

Trappings: Common clothes, dagger, sword, backpack, Destrier, saddle, harness, shield, religious symbol of Sigmar

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Race: Destrier

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
30 0 45 45 30 10 10 0
30 0 45 45 30 10 10 0
Secondary Profile
1 18 4 4 8 0 0 0
1 18 4 4 8 0 0 0

Skills: Perception (+10%), Swim

Talents: Acute Hearing; Keen Senses; Natural Weapons, Strike Mighty Blow

Armor: None

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Size: 5ft. 7in., 150 lbs.
Age: 20
Eye Color: Copper
Hair color: Yellow
Distinguishing Features: Large Mole, on right cheek
Birthday: 14 Kaldezeit, 2503
Astrology: Wymund the Anchorite
Dooming: "Eat not chitterlings nor any meat with tubes in."
Religion: Honors all gods, but is devoted to Sigmar


Ehrwig was born the second son of the noble Hofstetter family. His family descended from both the great Erlichner and von Richtor families, which were both in decline until they married their fortunes together. Ehrwig descends from a long line of knights that have been in the service of the Imperial Crown. Most notably, his grandfather fought bravely alongside the Emperor in battle versus the greenskin horde. More recently however his eldest brother fought and died in the Storm of Chaos. They both died bravely fighting outside the walls of Middenheim.

Ehrwig was born and raised on his family's estate just outside the village of Misthausan in the county of Reikland. He was a good student, and spent time studying instead of playing with his siblings or friends. This was in part due to teasing he sustained as a result of the large, unsightly mole that dominates his right cheek. In the early part of his life this meant he felt ostracized and excluded. Fortunately, he was squired to a companion of his father, Artur Bloombach.

Artur taught him to be a man, to fight, to court, and to believe in his abilities. Most importantly, according to Ehrwig, Artur taught him to have faith in mighty Sigmar. Ehrwig has been a devoted follower of the one true faith. He, of course, respects the other gods and their various cults, but he of course only recognizes the authority and majesty of the ascended Emperor. It is his fervent hope to one day take the mantle as a Templar of the faith.

Upon completing his education he was granted the title of Knight. Since then he has set out to make a name for himself and to honor the name and spirit of Sigmar. Since the death of the eldest brother he stands to inherit his father's land and title.


Father: Osric Hofstetter (aged 56, born 13 Vorhexen, 2467)

Eldest Brother: Alfried Hofstetter (Deceased, aged 28, born 18 Erntezeit, 2495)

Alfried was a Knight in service to the Emperor. He always looked after his younger siblings, and tended to be a mentor of sorts to them. He was popular and well liked by the villagers and his peers in the nearby area. He was good at joust and demonstrated his bravery on a number of occasions both for the Emperor and for his family while fighting highwaymen and other brigands. Sadly, his live was given one last time to the Empire outside the walls of Middenheim, during the Storm of Chaos. His loss was felt by many in his home region, but most of all by his younger brother Ehrwig. Given the recent timing of his death, its full impact is not fully felt.

Younger Brother: Tilman Hofstetter (aged 16, born 11 Pflugzeit, 2507)

Tilman looks up to his older brother Ehrwig, he also had held Alfried in high esteem. Unlike his brothers he has been dedicated to the clergy of Sigmar. Tilman has begun his training in the path of the initiate. While he shares Ehrwig's devotion to Sigmar he disdains the violent life, instead professing his preference to the life of quite study. This is the public face.

Secretly, Tilman resents the fact that he was born the third son. He has known from a young age that it is highly unlikely that he will inherit any of his father's lands and titles. While he was saddened by his eldest brother's death, part of him was secretly happy because it meant that his chances of inheriting were better. He secretly rejoiced when Ehrwig took up the lance and shield and became a knight, as this means the chances of something happening to him, and leaving Tilman in line as sole inheritor is all the greater! Tilman keeps these desires to himself and the few lackeys that hang around him. He chose to enter the priesthood, not out of devotion, but because it provided an easy life, and should he become priest he stands to earn a tidy sum from the faithful.

Youngest Brother: Volkin Hofstetter (aged 12, born 3 Ulriczeit, 2511)

Volkin is very much his mother's son. His hair is as red as hers, and his face is essentially a mirror of hers. This, he hears about non stop. But he doesn't care one bit as he is obsessed with her. He often plays as a knight out to defend the honor of his mother. His temper is fierce, but so are his other mood swings. He was greatly saddened by the death of Alfried, but he understands that it was a sacrifice to save the realm. Now he looks to Ehrwig as his example of bravery and chivalry.

Younger Sister: Anhilda Hofstetter (aged 8, born 20 Pflugzeit, 2515)

Anhilda, who takes after her mother in appearance and temperament, is a precocious child. She is older than her years and understands, to a limited extent, the nature of the court. She has been betrothed to Albrecht Gaetner, aged 12, the scion of a neighboring noble family. Her father hopes that this marriage will join together their two households. The Gaetner family has a vested interest in various economic concerns that reach as far as Altdrof.


A halved field represents the unification of two powerful families. The device is a sword pointed up, this indicates martial prowess and reinforces the families noble heritage.



Most gear, when not in use is carried by the horse.


  • Demi-Lance
  • Lance
  • Morning Star
  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Shield


  • Metal Helm
  • Mail Coif
  • Leather Skull Cap
  • Breastplate, which bears the Hammer of Sigmar
  • Mail Shirt
  • Leather Jack
  • Plate Bracers
  • Plate Leggings
  • Mail Leggings
  • Leather Leggings


  • Holy Symbol of Sigmar
  • Common Set of Clothing
  • Good Set of Clothing
  • Backpack
  • Metal Cutlery
  • Wooden Tankard
  • Blanket
  • Saddle
  • Harness
  • Rations (1 week)
  • Saddlebags (2)
  • Waterskin
  • Matches (30)
  • Torches (5)
  • Mirror
  • Tent




Character Sheet


Backertag, 18th of Vorgeheim, In the year 2523 of Sigmar's Reign,

I have arrived in Helmgart at the head of small company of reinforcements. Our goodly, and Godly Emperor Karl Franz has seen the need to re-enforce this small border outpost. I have heard of tales involving plague and fire, which can only point to the insidious influence of the Ruinous Powers. Even though I am not worthy of the task, I am here to ensure the Emperor's order is in place, and to spread the light of Sigmar's divine blessing to this mountain fastness.

I have been introduced to the Markgraf, Sir Manfred von Rechtshausen, who is an old friend and colleague of my father. I have heard many tales of this man's brave exploits. Given the time since he has been assigned to this post, his strength, bravery, and vigor have not diminished one bit!

After making my introductions and paying homage, I was then introduced to these so-called "Heroes of Helmgart." Udrin Sor-Vladir, an elf of some sort. Mordrin, a mighty and brave Dwarf! I see now why Simgar held this people in such high esteem. This being just exudes bravery and the power that a life dedicated to battle and hard work would produce. We met, and exchanged pleasantries. I must constantly remind myself to not get frustrated with the elf's haughtiness. Their arrogance knows no bounds! Simgar, grant me patience and guide me in my dealings with him, and please aid me in resisting the desire to give into the pointed barbs he presumes to elicit a response from me.

As we headed into the hall for dinner, meant to be a merry feast indeed! I was then introduced to this low-born, smartly dressed individual. I believe he said his name was Ludovic, or Ludovich, or some other appellation... Father always told me to humor the lessor sort. They can certainly be useful, if a little near-sighted.

We were just getting ready to sit down for a feast, when these low-born scalawags presumed to attack and threaten the Markgraf's person! The gall of these rogues. One even had the temerity to pull a rapier and hold it to the Markgrafs back! Such cowardice, indeed. So I put it to him, would he favor his head to be fastened to a pike on the east gate or the west? Then the battle was joined! I quickly made short work of the rogue behind the Markgraf. The rest of the company dealt with a threat that had entered the hall from the south. I didn't get a good look at him, but I later learned that the other attacker was the father of yet another of these Heroes... indeed... what manner of men have managed to fool these town folk of their heroism? I can assure you that should I even detect the slightest bit of corruption, or cowardice amongst this troupe, I shall dispense the cleansing justice of Sigmar!

The next day we took the remnants of the 2nd attacker and put him in a gibbet to serve as the food for crows, and ravens, and also to serve has a signal to all in the shanty town to the east that lawlessness will not be tolerated.

I await to see what the group decides to do... they have been discussing their next course of action, and apparently it will lead us into the pass to the West, to Bretonia.

Meanwhile, my men have been busy setting the fort in order. The Markgraf was very pleased to have the Imperial troops in place once again.