Christoff Eckehart's Character Sheet

Name: Christoff Eckehart
Race: Human
Current Career: Initiate of Sigmar's Order of the Silver Hammers
Previous Careers:  
Personal Details
Age: 22 Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey Blue Weight: 190#
Hair Color: Black Height: 6' 5"
Star Sign: The Limner's Line, the sign of precision. Number of Siblings: 3
Birthplace: Torpin, Talebecland
Distinguishing Marks: Noble Bearing, White Teeth
Character Profile
Main WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
Starting 39 29 41 35 32 39 37 36
Advance 5 5 0 5 0 10 10 10
Current 44 29 41 40 32 49 47 46
Secondary A W SB TB M Mag IP FP
Starting 1 14 4 4 5 0 0 3
Advance 0 2       0    
Current 1 14 4 4 5 0 0 3
Name Enc Group Damage Range Reload Qualities
Military Hammer 50 Ordinary SB     None
Dagger 10 Ordinary SB-3     None
Advanced Armor
Armor Type Enc Locations Covered AP
Name: Douglas Pierce Game Master: Timothy Stone
Campaign: Morrslieb's Shadow Campaign Year: 2523
Experience Points
Current: 10 Total: 710
Combat Movement
Move/Disengage: 8 Charge Attack: 16 Run: 24
Item Enc Description
Robes 25 Black with yellow trim
Leather Slingbag 5 Carries personal items
Blanket 10 (in slingbag)
Wooden Cup   x3 (in slingbag)
Steel Cutlery 4 (in slingbag)
Torches 5 x5 (in cookpot)
Cooking Pot 10  
Tinderbox 5 (in slingbag)
Matches   (in belt pouches)
Relic Box 10 Small box (in sling bag)
Telescope 5 very old/poor quality (in pouch)
Holy Symbol   Silver, twin tailed comet
Jade Necklace   Jeweled, with gold runes
Gold Crowns (gc): 10
Silver Schillings (s): 23
Brass Pennies (p): 0
Character Sketch
Basic Skills (Characteristic) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Animal Care (Int)  
Charm (Fel)  
Command (Fel)  
Consume Alcohol (T)  
Disguise (Fel)  
Drive (S)  
Evaluate (Int)  
Gamble (Int)  
Gossip (Fel)  
Haggle (Fel)  
Intimidate (S)  
Outdoor Survival (Int)  
Perception (Int)  
Ride (Ag)  
Row (S)  
Scale Sheer Surface (S)  
Search (Int)  
Silent Move (Ag)  
Swim (S)  
Advanced Skills (Char) Taken +10% +20% Related Talents
Academic Knowledge: Astronomy (Int)  
Academic Knowledge: Theology (Int)  
Common Knowledge: Dwarfs (Int)  
Common Knowledge: Empire (Int)  
Heal (Int)  
Read/Write (Int)  
Speak Language: Classical (Int)  
Speak Language: Khazalid (Int)  
Speak Language: Reikspiel (Int)  
Talent Description
Hardy +1 W
Public Speaking Effect 10x number of people with charm
Savvy +5% Int
Very Strong +5% S
Warrior Born +5% WS
Specialist Weapon Group (Two-Handed) Can use Two-Handed Weapons