Campaign Setting

The year is 2523 IC.

The Storm of Chaos has broken and the hoardes long in retreat from Middenheim. Yet a wasteland remains in the north in the wake. Broken families, ruined farms, new threats inhabit the dark canopies of what forest remains. The tide of refugees reversed from fleeing to returning to see what awaits them. All poor and broken, many refugees get stuck in camps outside the palisades or walls of villages, towns or cities. Worse many are lost in slums, the lucky ones move a little closer each day to their homelands.

New threats arise from war as old hatreds are stoked and new plots for domination advanced, many by old cults and new leadership isolated by the retreating armies. Some of these leaders bring tales of powerful magics wield in the Chaos Wastes powered by artifacts lost to man, dwarf and elf alike. Ruinous allies are made. And the threats arise across the land to feed an internal corruption of collapse. The war over, but the threat remains. For Morrslieb casts shadows. In those shadows Chaos festers.