Atosass Leafpriest

Atosass Leafpriest

Race: Elf (Asrai)

Career: Apprentice Wizard (unknown)

Main Profile
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
27 40 34 42 48 39 37 26
53 49 52 31
Secondary Profile
0 9 3 4 5 0 2 2
1 11 2 2 2

Skills: none

Talents: none

Armor: none

Weapons: none

Trappings: none

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Size: 5ft. 8in., 140 lbs. with a thin build.
Age: 123
Eye Color: Grey
Hair color: Brown
Distinguishing Features:
Astrology: Born under the sign of Wymund the Anchorite






Atosass Leafpriest's Character Sheet


Session 7

So . . . my master has sent me out into the Human world as a safe place to practice weaving the Wynds. Unfortuneatly the easiest way was to attach me to a Brettonian envoy who doesn't seem to care much that I can weave the Wynds. Such is Fate.

However, an interesting oppurtunity did arise. We went out to a Chaos infested town. Sadly, once I arrived there was little for me to do as the local heros had cleared things up fairly well, if a bit destrectively for the town.

In meeting the local heros I learned that one was a Brettonian Knight Errant. He had apparently agreed to joust with the local Empire knight for the "Glory of which door gets opened first." I swear, I didn't make that up.

As I'm supposedly here to help the Brettonians, I did offer my talents to spice things up just a little. I used the Wynds to create trumpet flairs for the tournement. With just a touch of accent on the Brettonian. It turns out that weaving the Wynds on a tight time schedule is more difficult than I had thought it would be, but I still did well enough. So well in fact, it seemed to have contributed to the Knight's ability as he unhorsed what appeared to be a supeior knight in a single run. It was quite spectacular, actually.

Although perhaps the most interesting thing to me, was seeing a High Elf cousin apparently hiding from others of his haughty kind. He appears to be near my age. I wonder if he is wild and free enough to befriend? I will have to see.


While Ato has not yet succumbed to the eventual insanity that often overtakes magi, he has been touched by dark forces, and they have left a distinct imprint upon his mind.

He can't decide which scares him more - the imprint itself, or the curiosity it arouses in him to know more.