Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Read an RPG in Public Week

Three times a year in the USA, and possibly abroad, The Escapist promotes Read an RPG in Public Week:

Read An RPG Book in Public Week is an event that happens three times a year, during the weeks surrounding March 4th, July 27th, and October 1st (starting on the Sunday on or before, and ending on the Saturday on or after). During these weeks, roleplaying enthusiasts are encouraged to take their favorite RPG rulebooks out with them and read them in public - on the bus, in the coffee shop, at lunch, at the park, or anywhere (as long as it isn't disruptive to work, school, church, or any other functions).

I participated last year, but missed the first two weeks this year! and committed to not forgetting this week.

The Escapist's intention of Read an RPG in Public Week is simple: "make the roleplaying hobby more visible, to get it 'out of the basement' and into public areas where more people can see it." I like it.

While you may already read your RPGs in public, many do not. I'm taking my WFRP Core Ruleset to Starbucks tomorrow. You?

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dicey Tales launch

As summer winds down, lots of things going on in the caffeinated foxhole.

One item is the launch of Dicey Tales.

Dicey Tales is a "pulp era supplement for the Barbarians of Lemuria Role Playing Game." Written and produced by Jeff Mejia, the supplement captures the high adventure of pulp paperback from the 30s, 40s, and 50s (including the "manly" adventure pulp of the 60s and 70s!).

Yikes! Not WFRP? Do you have a new shiny? Fear not! I haven't left WFRP. in fact, I'm working on a Bretonnian/Empire border campaign I hope to have resource documents published here soon enough.

Dicey Tales is me giving back to the community, at fair rates, to help Jeff launch the website--from design to technology platform.

I think I've probably said before my day job as a web application programmer for an international consumer credit issuer often harbors distractions in my free time. Such a distraction is blogging platforms and blogging business models, mostly platforms. As much as I would have liked to launch Dicey Tales on blojsom, alas, budgets rule. 

I chose Wordpress and a number of other plugins for administration such as WebSense's Defensio for spam filtering and Yoast's Google Analytics plugin.

The WordPress theme is custom and borrows heavily from the cover of Dicey Tales Issue #1 and the "coarser pulp themes" of high adventure! Dicey Tales even has a Firefox Persona!

If you like pulp style gaming, neatly packaged in a rules light framework, check out Dicey Tales!

And if you have a RPG, RPG game blog, or other RPG centric adventure and you're looking for professional design, implementation, and consulting, ping me!
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