Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Fedora bloat, or LSB

Fedora’s bloat seems to stem from the Linux Standard Base (LSB) initiative.

A fairly standard install will satisfy a ton of dependancies defined for the LSB. My inherited system is the definition of legacy; I need less, not more. Come on, sendmail!? I don't need a smtp-server.Do subsystems like cron and logwatch need it? Can anyone answer that? Subversion and CVS. I’m sure Subversion is great, but I’m a CVS man, I don’t need no new fangled version repository.

Bottom line, I don’t want to be the bitch of Fedora, I want a Fedora that is my bitch, tattooed…with a toe ring. I think some of my install bloat stems from a lagging text installer (compared to the graphical installer). I will shortly blog about the text installer—if only briefly about a missing screen (step) or two I’m fairly sure are in the graphical installer.

Okay, I’ll continue to clean up my install a bit and then get to work, and promise to make this less of a bitch feed and more of a log about configuring my system in a manner for broad Java development.

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