Monday, 30 April 2012

Z is for Zombies

Zombies1 are by far the most well known undead creature of the Old World. War, plague, and just day-to-day death leave the raw materials for necromancers of all stripes to raise and master mere slaves to crushing armies.

From the vampire counts of Sylvania to upstart wizards of a Ruinous Power in Bretonnia the chance of the common Old World citizen to have not experienced an encounter with these creatures is almost none. More often the masters of the walking dead meet their deaths at the hand of brave individuals and mighty heroes in the service of the Emperor. Depending on the power mustered over the zombie by the necromancer, the zombie may simply collapse or begin to aimlessly wander. It is not unknown to find bands of 10 or a 100 zombies roaming the fields, hills or forgotten graveyard after the death of a necromancer. These are the easiest to destroy and farmers can make short work of them.

It is the zombie hoard that is controlled by the necromantic magic of a vampire count that is most feared. Often quick and seemingly endowed with an intelligence to react to changing battlefield conditions, these hoards instill terror in villages and towns facing them. 

  1. [1] Apologies for the empty post this morning. I had two versions in the queue and failed to delete the empty post.

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