Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Day 19. First gamer who just annoyed the hell out of you.

Oh boy.

There of course was the power gamer friend, a munchkin by any measure. He was manageable as long as you killed his character with the same shit he was pulling on you.

But there was Brandon (name changed to protect the guilty). He was the gamer that min-maxed, but was good at the table, i.e., he wasn't lone wolfing his character in the ninth level of Hell to get some wand of death and killing daemon lords in the effort only to play it at the table. Brandon was just one of those players that wanted to one up your experience at the table or in social situations. He played D&D with Gary Gygax (he never did and could not prove such a thing ever took place). He did this or that or the other thing that sucked the air out of anything you may have been doing.

Brandon was always one ahead of you in the game, until…he was called out in a conspiracy of frustrated confederates at Dragonware Hobbies. The specifics of the conspiracy are unknown to me, but it involved a game of Steve Jackson's Killer. The outcome of which was an embarrassment to Brandon on the highest order. 

Brandon was apparently unaware of the embarrassment and it circulated throughout Dragonware Hobbies. When Brandon became aware of the whispers, he was never seen again. Shamed by his boost and the outcome of being exposed an a fraud.

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