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V is for Vagabond, Hadred Buschdorfer

Hadred Buschdorfer is probably one of the wealthiest wretches to wander the border towns and villages of the Empire's Grey Mountain provinces. He is never want for food or drink, but will never be found to be comfortably lodging.

If you're looking for Hadred, and many watchmen are, one starts in the vagabond camps outside most larger settlements. To ask him over a drink, that he may likely buy you, he'll tell you to stay away from the refugee camps: "All thieves and miserable poor! You're always welcome in a vagabond camp!" Which is certainly true for many branded as such.

Vagabonds do not often arrive with a reputation or seek to leave one, yet gods seems to smile on Hadred, like Ranald, or forget he is still alive, very much like Morr.

Hadred found himself in an unenvious position some years back in Bretonnia (a brief conscription found him at Fort Bergbres on the border with Gisoreux) with a small harassing force of some 200 men keeping certain nobles from pouching on the Emperor's lands as well as keeping the Gisoreux Gap sort of open to the trickle of trade that would find its way from Marienburg crossing the Wastelands.

He would desert the ridiculous outfit of ill trained and poorly supplied draftees and wander into the court of Gailhard De La Baumont, a well positioned Baron to the Duke of Gisoreux. His knowledge of the Empire would soon find him back in the Empire thieving and generally making a wreck the trade interests of Baron Baumont's rival in the south, Baron Aimeric De Balleroy of Montfort. De Balleroy would soon have a price the head of the "Vagabond Baron Buschdorfer." 

Hadred enjoys a patronage from Baron Baumont, which makes his apprehension something of a problem as he can often bribe most watchmen to turn an eye from his capture; bribe now or reward later (or never) usually wins in a pinch. De Balleroy knows of this arrangement but his interests in the Empire are not as deep as his rivals.

De Balleroy hopes to hire an honorable bounty hunter to rid himself of the problem. 

Unfortunately for De Balleroy, Hadred is always on the move and protected by his vagabond "kin" or those that like his free drinks.

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