Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Übersreik

The free town of Übersreik on the Grey Mountains is home to one of the largest Dwarven communities outside the mountains themselves. Their influence can be seen in the construction throughout the immediate area in the stone and timber construction of the simplest home and farmstead, most especially in Black Rock, the imposing fortress gateway to the Empire.

As a free town it enjoys a citizen government and a fair tax schedule, if you're not an Elf. Übersreik is one of the few places in the Empire that still imposes an Ear Tax on any Elf entering the free town or tariff on elf trade. There is no doubt that these taxes and tariffs exist solely at the demand of the large Dwarven community and Dwarven members of the town council.

Ostensibly, Black Rock exists to protect the Empire from invasion by Bretonnia. In practice, this is unlikely to ever happen. With the Storm of Chaos, the Emperor opened the pass for numerous Knights Errant and still today they trickle through Übersreik returning from war in the north.

Significant mining and quarrying operations by the dwarves are present in the foothills and steep cliffs of the Grey Mountains--enjoying nigh free trade in the free town--and roads to Bögenhafen and Altdorf and the River Teufel make the stone of Übersreik cheap and readily available to points east and south, often competing with stone from Helmgart on the Axe Bite Pass to the north.

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