Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for Shieldbreaker, Jorunn Skafinson

Some academics say the Dwarf race is waning. Reproduction rates aside, the seemingly unrelenting war with evil in the dwarf holds of the Grey and World's Edge Mountains does more to reduce the race to near extinction. The constant war however has made many Dwarven generals master tacticians and strategists, ever seeking advantages on the field and underground though unique efforts.

Such are the Shieldbreakers, elite soldiers trained to fight underground against the waves of greenskins and skaven. Shieldbreakers are unique in one aspect, their ranks can sometimes be found to have human and halfling members.

Jorunn joined the Shieldbreakers after a score of years fighting in distant lands against the hordes of chaos out of the North. Returning to his home at Karak Norn in the Grey Mountains he was shocked. The fortress city was nearly under siege by Night Goblin clans from the North and Skaven from the South. Jorunn immediately joined the nascent Shieldbreaker unit being formed to fight these foes.

Jorunn is a force of unmatched skill for many in the units that are brave, but have never "brought the fight" to the enemy or held lines with no option or order of retreat. His skill is sought by many and he is a willing teacher. But he harbors a secret.

Jorunn quietly prays to Hashut, "The Father of Darkness" for his deadly skill on the line of the Shieldbreakers. Hashut is the Chaos Dwarf patron deity and a murderous one. His worship would surely have him kneeling before his commander's axe should he be found out. Yet he continues for he knows only that on the fields of many battles the Chaos Dwarfs were formidable foes and skilled. Killing with such effectiveness that he sought out the martial skills and found Hashut. He believes his skills are a blessing from Hashut and, in a twisted way, is saving his kin from annihilation.

He quietly worries about being found out. Moreso that his worship will ultimately make him an enemy to be killed because his corruption becomes the very thing that eliminates the dwarves in the Grey Mountains.

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