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L is for Lay Priest Jean De Pouchet, Cult of Manann

There are few avenues out of a life as a peasant in Bretonnia. Even rich merchants are, by law, just peasants. Any perceived status is only at the whim of their liege.

The merchant class of Bretonnia can afford to school children or "identify" a higher calling for their offspring paying for seminaries or other theological studies. Such education can get man and woman into many of the cults worshipped throughout Bretonnia. Wave Caller Jean De Pouchet is one of the lucky ones.

After a years studying with the Manann catechists in Bordeleaux, he was initiated into the cult priesthood. While most nobles worship the Lady of the Lake, many quietly honor Manann, Taal and Rhya, Morr, Shallya and Verena and offer chapels to them as appropriate. Jean was soon on the rise in cult of Manann after being moved to the Duke Alberic's personal chapel to Manann on the castle's grounds.

More recently the Wave Caller left his position with the Duke's chapel and travelled to the Silent Isle where he quietly observes Abbot Isodard Gumy for the Duke. The Duke is very interested in the reports of the Abbot awakening the island and what it may portend.  

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Comment: Gwen Gardner at Sat, 13 Apr 8:01 PM

I seem to recall that a lot of families gave one son to the priesthood back in the day...what an interesting life.

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