Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y is for The Yellow Fang

The agents of the Ruinous Powers hide everywhere. They hide in the shadows cast in alleys from pyres built to cleanse the souls of their confederates.

It is expected that these agents form cults serving their dark masters and The Yellow Fang is quite typical of these cults. Dedicated to the Skaven's god The Horned Rat, the Yellow Fang operates out of Carroburg, Middenland. Members often tattoo themselves with a yellow fang or pull an eye tooth to hang from a necklace hidden under a shirt or collar--so common are missing teeth in the Old World this act goes unnoticed by almost everyone.

The cult works closely with their masters, the foul rat men, but harbor a secret at the very top of the cult that amounts to betrayal. Working to bring decay and despair to the Empire and hasten its collapse for the Skaven, The Yellow Fang plots to master and overthrow the Skaven should the end game occur. The conflict is a natural one considering the betrayal found within the Skaven's own ranks.

The Yellow Fang has worked its way into moderate positions of political power in Carroburg and have expanded to Altdorf and other cities. These new cults are expected to pay tribute to their Carroburg sponsors in providing both slaves for the Skaven's Under Empire and as sacrifices to the Horned Rat. This ring of kidnapping removes the attention generated by such acts from Carroburg to the other cities and the new members eager to please.
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