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M is for The Moot

It is not uncommon for the races of the known Old World to know tolerance and prejudice in equal measure. Sometimes however the prejudices are just the tempered expressions of outright hatred for long standing real and perceived grievances for the race in question.

Halflings bear these prejudices in great measure, second only to Elves, for The Mootland, or just "The Moot." The Moot is an idyllic land of rolling hills, verdant pastures, and bountiful fruit orchards and vegetable gardens. It all makes for an untroubled lifestyle for Halflings and the harvests are enjoyed by the Empire at large during Pie Week, where the food and culture of the Halflings are celebrated.

Yet how the Mootland was given to the Halflings--and the Electoral seat too--sets unwell with Stirland and Averland Electors and natives. The Mootland was carved from best farmlands of the two provinces by the Emperor Ludwig the Fat over 1500 years ago. To listen to any Averlander or Stirlander trace property rights in family genealogy tell the hidden story: should the time come to reclaim the lands from the Halflings in some unfortunate calamity, papers can be produced to properly restore "rightful ownerships."

And the Halflings are well aware of the festering sores of the Averland and Stirland Electors and are on vigilant guard, politically, martially, and culturally. However, one threat seems to ever be encroaching on The Moot, more difficult to stand against each year: Sylvania to the North and the World's Edge Mountains on the East.

The vampire counts of Sylvania muster armies of undead for various campaigns against enemies in the Empire and for terrifying wars with the greenskins of the mountains. The conflicts spill over into The Moot. And while the vampire counts do not pay much attention to the Halflings of The Moot, greenskins often find themselves seeking more opportunities to pillage and burn in retreat from some lost battle if for the sake of pillaging and burning, nothing more. And with each conflict, while the map borders never change, the real borders tighten as Halflings refuse to return to lost villages.
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Comment: nutschell at Mon, 16 Apr 7:01 PM

what a story! love fantasy so I enjoyed this.
Happy A-Zing!

Comment: Timothy Stone at Tue, 17 Apr 2:17 PM

Thanks Nutschell!

Warhammer Fantasy is a rich library of dark humor and game play!

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