Friday, 13 April 2012

Blogging A to Z heads into the downhill run

Thanks for all the comments. I'm catching up on a few and will reply! Ben and I are having a great time with the fiction of WFRP and presenting it to you in the A-to-Z challenge.

Some have asked about the source material. Without diving into defining a role-playing game--the most common reference for most people is Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D--I find it is best to just point people to Wikipedia's entry on Warhammer Fantasy. However, others might know of Warhammer from PC and MMORPG properties like Mark of Chaos and Age of Reckoning, respectively. However, I do not point readers to these games, but to the tabletop pen, pencil and paper game.

For many in this digital age, pens, pencils, and paper are anathema. And yet, I would beg readers to reconsider. Today, these elements find digital augmentation. iPads, iPhones, and "apps" on whatever platform provide dice rollers, character tracking, and gamemaster aids. Digital enhancements even extend to map and game tools for remote gaming. All of this however never takes away from what is probably a greater social experience than any MMORPG can offer: physical presence of friends at a table creating a story and overcoming challenges in game.

In the near two decades of Warhammer setting authorship by too many to mention (some NYT Best Sellers) a deep setting fiction of "grim and perilous" adventure has grown and evolved, nay, mutated. A-to-Z can barely scratch the surface. Ben and I hope you will be intrigued enough to investigate further.

This year, Ben and I have started to realize an wholly unintended theme rising around the magical fiction (and game mechanics) of WFRP. For Harry Potter fans, the colleges of magic, magic lore, magic rules (and there is a highly detailed magic system in WFRP), and winds of magic may be especially intriguing for writers...maybe writers of a grim and perilous nature especially.

Oh... don't forget to comment at versamus; we roll as well as here. Ben would love to hear from you!
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