Friday, 6 June 2008

Game prep

I'll be running a session of WFRP tomorrow and I'm up prepping while Dr. Who and BSG play.

How do I prep? This is going to be more cathartic for me, than a suggestion for you. But I'm getting better at this. Especially, since I had to abandon a campaign I was really enjoying. That now abandoned campaign called Waaagh! was great because I was using the Evil Overlord method of environment motivation. It was abandoned because, at the time, our gaming was sporadic, I didn't want to drag the EOs along, so character pasts were developed in solo sessions.

The solo sessions seeded a new campaign and a sort of prequel was crafted. I have been half-heartedly pushing it along with a lot of winging. A general story line has always been in mind, but now, with threads in play, PC backgrounds understood, I'm beginning to see an arch for a bigger campaign.

I generally prep by making notes on key NPCs and real general encounter outlines that drive the established threads. For example, several sessions ago, the PCs arrived in Altdorf, crowds pushing, and being rushed through "customs" for the Grand Conclave. The elf, a background established as an orphaned Shadow elf, raised in the Wood elf traditions, is pushed into an old hag. The hag, in a moment of clarity, or delusion, backs away in horror, then says "A great shadow follows you elf!" Being a superstitious lot, many of the faithful crowding the dock around the party, back away and the party, noting the eagerness of the custom agents to clear the dock and taking advantage of the distance afforded them by "vision," jumped to the head of the line.

I'm bringing the elf full circle soon, developing the threads to give something for each player background... cultists for the priest, runes for running by the dwarf, and a lot of greenskins for them all. And there is the merchant and his caravan...

It's all still loose. But there is conflict, challenge, and role-playing.

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