Thursday, 5 June 2008

Douche Bag of the Week is Named, Me

The Brilliant Gameologist's named their DBotW in Episode 14, one-sourcers.

I'm not bashful about this... I'm a one-sourcer. I'm pretty much not interested in anything else other than Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. Now, hear me out, because I'm not without experience with a lot of different genres and games.

The list of games I have owned is decent (I'm pretty sure I owned and played more than this list, this is what I remember owning):

  1. Basic D&D (Moldvay/Mentzer)
  2. Twilight 2000 (1st ed.)
  3. MegaTraveller
  4. Paranoia (1st ed.)
  5. Price of Freedom
  6. GURPS
  7. AD&D (1st ed.)
  8. Shadowrun (1st and 2nd ed.)
  9. Warhammer 40K, Rogue Trader
  10. Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st and 2nd ed)
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
  12. Recon (another Palladium game)
  13. Car Wars

Some readers might say, "Only 13 games? And I'm not even sure you can count Car Wars! I own ... 1,2,3 ... 36 games! You are weak Mr. Caffeinated."

Hey, I was picky back in my day, and my geek cred is not about RPGA cards, but it does have some highlights, including playing GURPS with Steve Jackson (and being amazed at his consumption of soda), managing a FLGS in Conyers, GA for 3 years (from open to near its close), manning the table of said FLGS at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair (how many remember that con?), running Shadowrun at AFF, ... &tc. Not too shabby. I love this hobby.

And yet up until about 3 years ago I owned most of this collection... then I dumped it all on eBay. The Shadowrun stuff alone fetched me over 400 bucks.

I kept one game... Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. Why? It still captured my imagination. The setting. The rules. The play. It was (and is) a very tight game. Sure, 1st ed. was not without some issues, like the "naked dwarf," but it remained a great game.

The announcement of the 2nd edition give gave me warm fuzzies. The 2nd edition really cleaned up the rules, and now I'm into a lot of dough for the GW/Green Ronin work and looking forward to the FFG releases.

GW's on again, off again schizo management of the game burns me, but I'm not abandoning WFRP, and nor will the fans (sorry, Mike).

And I'm not interested in D&D, or Cthulu, or Savage Worlds, or even your favorite. Sure, 4e is a curiosity, but won't have me reaching in my wallet (and the grognards I pay attention I think feel the same way).

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a one-sourcer.

Nothing else has outlasted the quality of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. That's my humble opinion. What's yours? ~o)

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Comment: Josh at Fri, 27 Jun 2:52 AM

As much as I appreciate you owning up to your douche-baggery, we did mean something a little different.

The "one-sourcer" has only ever seen/read/played one game. As opposed to someone who prefers one specific game. And they assert the superiority of their game over all others.

So you "fail" on both counts. No douche for you. But keep playing, who knows if the next DBotW will be you!

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