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Session, party of one, your table is ready

I was inspired by Dr. Rotwang! at I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow to write about a recent WFRP session I hosted with my coworker. It was a party of one.

Mr. D (to protect his anonymity) arrived with his eleven hunter and a recently drafted, yet well detailed, background for said elf. Ravendil Shadowstar has already seen a lot of the Empire and has been most recently providing scouting services to the armies of Talabecland against a rising Waaagh! on the borders of Stirland.

Because the rest of the party was not available for play, we opted to retcon the current campaign with events that led to Ravendil joining the larger human society of the Empire. We rolled back all advancements and trappings to “just rolled goodness.”

I largely began with a narrative that had Ravendil tracking an elk out of the Reikwald, where he was born, into the foothills of the Hagercrybs. Spotting a human trading caravan on the road to Bögenhafen, Ravendil joined the stragglers.

Here it was an opportunity to introduce a new PC that had been rolled by proxy for a player that has committed to playing in our next full session. Martin the Sigmar initiate. This PC is intended to be a replacement character for a PC being sunsetted in the current campaign. This introduction would provide background to merging the new character into the campaign.

I played Martin as a forceful believer in Sigmar with a respect for elves. When the Bögenhafen guard demanded an “Ear Tax” from Ravendil, Martin stepped up to defend the elf and ease his passage into the city.

Some atmosphere of Bögenhafen was played while Martin joined other initiates in the grand Sigmar Temple for the day. Ravendil was joined by Martin in the evening for ale. Here they were tapped by some adventurers seeking a priest and a bow for a trip north to a rumored cache of gold in an abandon elf settlement on the River Reik east of Holthausen.

Ravendil, and Martin, joined the NPC party. I opted to quickly take the party via road and river through Osburg, Ussingen, and Eilhart. Each stop progressively more hostile to elf travelers. But it was Holthausen where Ravendil had to start fending off the hostility. A hostility that I hinted was possibly originating from the abandoned elf settlement and dark elf influences.

The Holthausen customs agents refused Ravendil’s entry to the ports, suggesting that the elf take to the shore by way of one of the smaller boats in tow. Ravendil obliged, but not before a customs agent could no longer control his sword arm, attacking the elf in a swashbuckling jump to the boat on the waterline. The agent avoided injury only to be unbalanced by Ravendil and tossed to the river.

After a night on the boat, its captain was forced to leave the port walls of the city, north, where he was told by the Holthausen guard to leave the elf on shore before returning south. Ravendil, Martin and the party were rowed to shore, where they made camp for the night.

That night a raiding party of vigilantes from Holthausen attacked. A fight ensued, leaving the raiders dead or dying, and the NPC party leader with a critical injury and another with zero wounds to spare. Ravendil had no patience for the screams of one raider, his knee pierced by an elven arrow, and dispatched him with naught a word.

We closed the session with Martin applying what healing skill he had to the injured party (no spells as yet). A search of the dead raiders revealed only a piece of paper, read by Martin, with a crude drawing of a elven ear and the words, "bring back the elf."

As I winged the entire session, I have yet to tie all of it together or tie it to the abandoned elf settlement, if such a settlement even is in play. Mr. D enjoyed it all and is looking forward to the next session to wrap it all up. Maybe it’s time to turn to The Adventure Funnel by Dr. Rotwang!

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