Sunday, 4 May 2008

I Am Legend: a review

Horror, as I told a friend just last night, is not something I seek out. If so, it is usually pulp horror (Blade), or campy horror (Lost Boys). I did like 28 Days Later.

I Am Legend is 28 Days++. I was literally on the edge of my seat for the first 2/3.

The last 1/3 though was, well, long.

I think I wanted more closure on the “zombie love story.” Wha? Clearly, there was something about that one zombie’s determination after Neville captured “the girl.” There was something in the passion of the zombie. The trap, mimicking Neville. The dog pack. The “leadership!” And it all boiled down to the zombie just committing suicide, for all the determination to break down the wall, with Neville pulling the pin.

And, I’m sorry, but three years would have exhausted any food supply for the zombies, whatever that food supply was. 28 Days Later was much better about that: the zombies so weak, they couldn’t even stand up.

Unrelated to I Am Legend was the Lost Boys: The Tribe trailer. Here’s my 2 brass pennies on this MTV straight-to-DVD vehicle. It's going to be Crap, because the trailer is painful to watch.

Only one of the Frog brothers? You can't have a Lost Boys sequel with only “one Corey.” Why waste the film stock on this if you’re not going to get both Coreys, Patric, Gertz, and Wiest. They all survived and the actors are all still alive. I think the nod to the original with only Feldman, painfully delivering lines like "...Edgar Frog: board shaper, vampire hunter...," or something like that, say a lot about the reason it won’t have a theatrical release.

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