Wednesday, 5 December 2007

WTF Dan? Did fantasy overtake reality?

I love Fear the Boot, a podcast about “table top gaming and a little bit more.” I listen to episodes on my commute to work. I eagerly await the next episode and #81 was no exception, Explaining RPGs To People That Don’t Game.

When the discussion takes a turn to talk about “blowback,” or how gaming got a “bad rep” in the 80s, Dan, the lead host, perpetuates the “steam tunnel incident” myth with: of the big things that set [gaming blowback] off , was there was this bunch of guys that went down into the sewers behind a university, and a guy got murdered, and they claimed, later, that, oh, this was because of role-playing...

WTF Dan? Your statement actually feels like you watched Mazes and Monsters, mixed it with a little bit of the story of James Dallas Egbert III and concocted a dramatic punch for the point you were making.

So Dan, what exactly was the point you were making? Because you fumbled it badly. I’m still listening, but someone needs to call you out for comment. Hopefully, your forums are alive with debate as well.

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