Saturday, 26 November 2022

Inns Generator Wizard Level unlocked

The Inn Generator is now fully containerized and published to the GitLab registry.

What does that mean for the uninitiated? Well, if you run docker, then you can "pull" the container and run the tool locally on your laptop. I know, you're saying, "What's the difference wizard? I can go to the website! That doesn't need anything, save my browser."

True. This effort is more than that though. Soon the website will be getting some much needed upgrades (can you say mobile friendly?) and it will provide an API backend so you can mashup in new and exciting ways. Containerization is a big step toward portability. 

Open Sourcing the tool may interest others in taking the tool in new directions or help others contribute to the project.

A README is being developed at the project homepage, But until then, here are some incantations for the initiated docker wizard with the containerization feat:

docker pull

docker run -dit --name inns -p 8080:80

Posted by caffeinated at 9:01 AM in d10
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