Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Must. Post. More.

I've got to get back to posting. Let's see where I left off with my blog category notes. And let me explain—no, there is too much, let me sum up—why I have been absent.

Mostly because I have been waffling on what I want to post. In the last six months I have been mentoring a teams at work about continuous integration and delivery—CICD for those in the know—and a little bit more; actually a whole lot more, but that's another conversation for beers, not blogs. Couple that with a desire for ACD posts to remain curated about gaming than about code.

Then I realized there's an intersection of both! Almost 14—fourteen! vierzehn!—years ago I introduced Inns of the Empire to the world. Today, I would say it brute forces the YUI into generating a fictitious location for any RPG, grim dark ones especially. It's SPA before there was SPA, using simple DOM Hijacking. 

14 years ago, HTTPS was not a default state of expectation. I had to worry about IE 6! Really. 14 years ago I didn't think about creating a JSON model for an inn. 

The tool still works, but I'm going to open source it properly with a license and a gitlab repository. Maybe wrap an API around it. RPG Tech 101. More to come.

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