Saturday, 26 November 2022

Inns Generator Wizard Level unlocked

The Inn Generator is now fully containerized and published to the GitLab registry.

What does that mean for the uninitiated? Well, if you run docker, then you can "pull" the container and run the tool locally on your laptop. I know, you're saying, "What's the difference wizard? I can go to the website! That doesn't need anything, save my browser."

True. This effort is more than that though. Soon the website will be getting some much needed upgrades (can you say mobile friendly?) and it will provide an API backend so you can mashup in new and exciting ways. Containerization is a big step toward portability. 

Open Sourcing the tool may interest others in taking the tool in new directions or help others contribute to the project.

A README is being developed at the project homepage, But until then, here are some incantations for the initiated docker wizard with the containerization feat:

docker pull

docker run -dit --name inns -p 8080:80

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Thursday, 24 November 2022

Inns Generator

I created the start of the GitLab project for the Inns Generator. Currently, the tool exists as I posted it 14 years ago.

In the GitLab project I'll be working on cleaning up the tool a bit. It's functional and works in a brute force manner. The first step will be to containerize it for immediate use in the state that it is in: a simple YUI 2.9 DOM tool.

One thing I immediately did was strike the link to Mike Hensley's hackslash website. Mike must have retired that site years ago and the domain has been taken over by a virus scam farmer. So many redirects. So many popups.

Looks like blogging's back on the menu, boys.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Must. Post. More.

I've got to get back to posting. Let's see where I left off with my blog category notes. And let me explain—no, there is too much, let me sum up—why I have been absent.

Mostly because I have been waffling on what I want to post. In the last six months I have been mentoring a teams at work about continuous integration and delivery—CICD for those in the know—and a little bit more; actually a whole lot more, but that's another conversation for beers, not blogs. Couple that with a desire for ACD posts to remain curated about gaming than about code.

Then I realized there's an intersection of both! Almost 14—fourteen! vierzehn!—years ago I introduced Inns of the Empire to the world. Today, I would say it brute forces the YUI into generating a fictitious location for any RPG, grim dark ones especially. It's SPA before there was SPA, using simple DOM Hijacking. 

14 years ago, HTTPS was not a default state of expectation. I had to worry about IE 6! Really. 14 years ago I didn't think about creating a JSON model for an inn. 

The tool still works, but I'm going to open source it properly with a license and a gitlab repository. Maybe wrap an API around it. RPG Tech 101. More to come.

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