Tuesday, 31 May 2022

What is the Mac Bloc?

The Mac Bloc is like most of my categories tied up in a pun or some inside joke. 

This is a pun on the "Soviet Bloc"—also synonymous with the Eastern Bloc, Communist Bloc, or Socialist Bloc. The Mac Bloc then is dedicated to the somewhat blind ideal I hold Apple hardware and the Mac OS. 

As a staunch anti-communist, then you should read: The Mac Bloc is a mocking pun, wherein I see myself as a thrall to what Steve Jobs created, as those who are slavishly chained to the blind ideals of Marxist theory.

It's been 12 years since I posted in this category. I should queue up some pro-Mac OS stuff for June. I might start with something about moving the "Year of the Linux Desktop" perpetually to the next year. As one that stands with many in the Bazaar, on the steps of the Cathedral, we should just acknowledge that the "Year of the (Linux|BSD|Unix) Desktop" was 2004 and has been with us since. 

Everyone should just lower their guidons and yield to the Mac Bloc.

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