Thursday, 5 May 2022

Blogging A to Z Reflections 2022

11 years ago I started doing this challenge.

I took a three (?) year break when organizers moved registration to Facebook. I have a Facebook account, but I haven't—proudly—logged in for years. I quit.

This is my third year back.

My themes have been role-playing game focused and my first year earned recognition in some gaming circles. It seems RPGs get more attention and my niche is not so unique.

This year I organically arrived at the "theme":  edge and cross-game mechanics found in many RPGs. As always, Every year, X, Y, and Z are challenging. "Z is for Zombie" is easy one, sure. But I did that one in 2012. X has been, traditionally it almost seems, a randomly rolled name for a demon and a narrative around said demon. This year, XP. Easy peasy.

I tend to type fast and edit poorly, if at all. When I do, I'm embarrassed by dropped words, misspelled ones, or incorrect contractions. Sometimes I fix them. Most often I don't.

My comments are moderated, otherwise, the spam would be unmanageable. My platform supports Spam tooling, but I just have to reintegrate it as Akismet changed many years ago and the integration broke. Open Source is that way.

I remain happy that A-to-Z returned to a sane registration model. LinkyList (?) worked, Google Forms is near perfect. 

I should return next year. 

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