Saturday, 30 April 2022

Z is for The Zhentarim (and other cults)

X, Y, Z. The bane of all of A-to-Z bloggers.

The Zhentarim is a "shadow network... that seeks to expand its influence and power." In D&D this organization is both "a mob" and a cult. It's public face is a "family" seeking to dominate the "trade markets" of the default setting, The Forgotten Realms.

Cults like The Zhentarim are often great factions for fantasy TTRPG campaigns. 

Darker cults of the "Ruinous Powers" are heavily used in WFRP. There are several well known cults in the canon including the Cults of the Purple Hand, Yellow Fang, and Red Crown. 

It is often something of a trope in many games that the cults are so insular, they may amount to little more that cells, possibly operating in the same areas, possible for the goals of their patrons, but completely uncoordinated, and often clashing. For both story and table hijinks. Some cults may employ false flag operations to divert attention, and many have such opaque structures, the role of the mortal in the unfathomable timelines of god-like patrons makes for seemingly random narrative hooks for the Game Master.

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