Friday, 29 April 2022

Y is for Yeti

The penultimate entry for 2022 A-to-Z!

Yeti?! How is Snow Big Foot an edge mechanic? While it's not a mechanic in the purest sense, but it represents a broader crossover topic in many fantasy TTRPGs.

The Yeti stands in for hundreds of fantasy creatures and races that populate D&D, WFRP and many other games and how each forms a critical story telling friction in the World and in game play. Many such creatures are "playable" races for characters in recent editions of D&D; even AD&D 1e discusses the Monster as Player.

Monsters often hoard treasure. In the idea of Gygaxian Naturalism, creatures populate dungeons and wilderness with an ecologically sound purpose. Characters encountering them need not be hostile, but we often see encounters escalate to violence. Not that I have anything against it. But just pausing for a moment, a party might find that negotiations are apropos.

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