Wednesday, 27 April 2022

W is for World

The "worlds" of TTRPGs are many and varied.

My worlds lean into an apocryphal, anachronistic, and culturally fluid fantasy types. Sometimes generically thought of as a science-fantasy setting. 

World settings tend to have wildly detailed histories and geographies. These tend to "set the stage" and most of my players will tell you that their characters actions change the world from the moment the begin acting on the story they are telling and the arch of the campaign I've outlined for friction.

My Greyhawk campaign—Greyhawk being the E Gary Gygax's original D&D setting—has been dramatically altered by the player's actions. While they stopped an extinction event, their actions altered the world geographically as a new moon created geological upheavals. Kingdoms fell and new ones rose, cultures died, new ones replaced them, and some long lived races hold grudges against those "heroes."

The new campaign is set in this world almost 1000 years later. Blackpowder weapons are now present, elves still walk the land and closely guard the histories of the past in great libraries, while ghosts of the past watch for signs that the bloodlines of the past heroes no long wane, but wax.

These worlds are so fun to play in and, through play, change and create something new.

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