Saturday, 9 April 2022

H is for Healing

Healing in a fantasy table top roleplaying game (TTRPG) is not without problems and solutions.

The fantasy aspect of Healing of course is often wrapped up in elements of magic, arcane and divine alike. Both forms have escalating power in the game as a character gains levels of experience. Arcane forms of healing may also take the form of potions. Truly powerful healing potions can be used by inexperienced characters if found.

Healing tends to address most forms of damage short of death or loss of limb. Characters wounded in earlier editions of D&D often required lengthy in game healing without Arcane Magic or Divine Miracles. This was largely last in more recent editions of D&D where resting eight hours (or more) can restore all damage from a fight. Between long rests it is possible to restore a portion of damage, expressed as Hit Points, a number of times equal the character's level (and regaining half of those in a longer rest).

This abstraction, to me, feels too much like a video game. It often fails the story being told at the table. Variant rules for natural healing bring back some of the "pain" of fighting or encountering a particularly troublesome trap.

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