Saturday, 2 April 2022

B is for Beer

I started on post about Blather. But I already did a post about Blather. Ten years ago!

Staring into a blank page, I took a sip of my beer and was inspired to make a short post about how beer is influential in my gaming and gaming more broadly.

My current D&D games started as a "beer and pretzel" game with my neighbors. Now, more than five years on, we still share a couple of beers playing, but never have pretzels.

Beer, ale, or mead are often story elements in game. "You all meet at a tavern" is the common trope of starting a game. Hopefully, beers are being shared as adventure is laid out.

Beer was often a "young" style and lower in alcohol that today. While yeast was understood to be the catalyst, the chemistry was not understood at all. It was much "flatter" than we know beer today, and every town, village, or coaching inn would have an "house beer."


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