Monday, 28 February 2022

Averages and Distractions

If it was not for January, my 2022 goal of 104 posts would be threatened before the end of February! The average is two posts a week, and well, I've had a lot going on. I can't even seem to get snap a photo to abuse the Bad Cell category.

February has had me solidly working across a number of dimensions, intellectually and physically. I've been writing two Architectural papers for work, both derivative and both said better by others in the blogosphere and trade publications: Modern Web Architecture, what it is and is not. 

While I found myself repeating the words of some very smart people, I did my best to a) credit the publication and authors and b) contextualize for my audience. If I wasn't writing, I was learning, building directly on that which I was writing about to have just a touch of authority. Just a touch. Though experience goes a very long way. Sometimes I think people should just do what I say and don't waste my time writing "papers" you won't read, unless I liberally quote Gartner.

Physically, well, I'm not an untalented "handyman." I'm not afraid of powertools, 6x6s, carriage bolts, post hole diggers, or 80# bags of dry concrete. I'm likely over engineering a deck for my hot tub time machine that, filled, will be two-point-five tons. This is the second deck I've built so here I have some authority as well. We erected 6x6s this last weekend for a pergola.

But no more excuses. March must be better. Maybe a narrative of my ongoing D&D campaign?

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