Monday, 28 February 2022

Averages and Distractions

If it was not for January, my 2022 goal of 104 posts would be threatened before the end of February! The average is two posts a week, and well, I've had a lot going on. I can't even seem to get snap a photo to abuse the Bad Cell category.

February has had me solidly working across a number of dimensions, intellectually and physically. I've been writing two Architectural papers for work, both derivative and both said better by others in the blogosphere and trade publications: Modern Web Architecture, what it is and is not. 

While I found myself repeating the words of some very smart people, I did my best to a) credit the publication and authors and b) contextualize for my audience. If I wasn't writing, I was learning, building directly on that which I was writing about to have just a touch of authority. Just a touch. Though experience goes a very long way. Sometimes I think people should just do what I say and don't waste my time writing "papers" you won't read, unless I liberally quote Gartner.

Physically, well, I'm not an untalented "handyman." I'm not afraid of powertools, 6x6s, carriage bolts, post hole diggers, or 80# bags of dry concrete. I'm likely over engineering a deck for my hot tub time machine that, filled, will be two-point-five tons. This is the second deck I've built so here I have some authority as well. We erected 6x6s this last weekend for a pergola.

But no more excuses. March must be better. Maybe a narrative of my ongoing D&D campaign?

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Saturday, 5 February 2022

What is D10?

D10. Tabletop gamer "shorthand die notation" for "one-ten-sided-die." Shorthand, because we, as gamers, drop the superfluous "one" and just say "dee-ten." If we wanted to roll two D10, then the long form would be used, 2d10.

The category is more of a nod to the primary die-type my favorite RPG, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. Die-type, not the typical die roll WFRP uses. That's a D100, or sometimes called, "percentile dice."

Confused yet? Don't be. It's not important to the category topic. D10 will typically find posts on my gaming or plans for gaming. I'm currently the DUNGEON MASTER!, best stated with the emphasis on the "TER!" in Master, for a D&D 5e—that's Fifth Edition—campaign.

It's currently my favorite edition of D&D next to BECMI, a.k.a. B/X or Rules Cyclopedia. BECMI is short for Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal, the "Basic D&D" sets c. 1984. These boxes followed the B/X boxes and were collected in the case bound Rules Cyclopedia.

I hope to be posting more here about games and gaming in the coming weeks and months!

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