Sunday, 2 January 2022

What is Experimental Madness?

This blog category's impetus—as I look over the posts going back to 2006!—looks like it acts as a collection of software experiments in blojsom, as plugins or other fixes, or just straight up software discussions around Open Source projects (and possibly my contributions to them).

Well, I'm experimenting again you unlucky fools, with podcasting and perfecting the best workflows with my tools while minimizing my cash outlay. I have some fair-to-middling over the ear headphones and a Blue Snowball for my mic. It's an old one, close to 15 years old, and I think I read somewhere mics have a shelf life. P'ah. It's serviceable.

Garageband, of course, and Audio Hijack for my recording suite. I've been recording my D&D sessions with the start of a new campaign—ah, there's why you read, and why ACD's subtitle is d100 cups of coffee. My Audio Hijack session setup to date was a straight capture of all audio into an MP3. Serviceable for session review at the least.

I recently created a new session setup that handles dual track recording from my mic and the application (Discord). Without belaboring the details, I highly recommend this quick YouTube video by freelance podcast editor Chris Enns

Of course, the next session will use this configuration and I'm excited to try it. If I can get the permission of the players, I may actually release the sessions, edited of course; we can have some table dialog of personal or career related subjects not suitable for public release.

And I just figured out how I can get through January, I'll bore you to tears with reacquainting you with my blog categories, and possibly retiring a few.

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