Sunday, 2 May 2021

A to Z 2021 Retrospective

The A to Z Challenge asked in the past for participants to post a retrospective. In this tradition this post is presented.

For five years starting in 2011, I chronicled my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaigns. I even won some recognition with established creators in Warhammer circles for my annual posts, even sharing one year with Ben Scerri, writer for Cubicle 7's WFRP 4th edition. I entered this challenge eager to participate again and possibly introduce some to the "World of Greyhawk," a campaign world of Gary Gygax's own creation with the introduction of D&D in late 70s and throughout the 80s. I made some mistakes.

The challenge has some well established expectations. April has 30 days, and subtracting Sundays, leaves 26 days. A day for each letter of the English alphabet. I stumbled on this primary expectation, posting initially on two Sundays. My blogging platform, blojsom, allowed me to correct  this misstep "behind the scenes."

The largest misstep was missing the commitment of a post a day. While I "caught up," if you followed the blog, you saw this misstep "real-time." 

Overall, I enjoyed re-entering the challenge and sharing my campaign in the "World of Greyhawk" and the adventures of the Red Company. This campaign is entering its fifth year of play. Leveraging the canon of Greyhawk throughout, the campaign shows how D&D, and role-playing games, can create friction in creativity to produce something unique, never beholden to the source material.

As always, it reawakens my love of blogging and my commitment to Open Source software such as blojsom. I've since committed some updates to the base platform as well to fix "annoyances" that arise with every A to Z. I even have work in flight for an Open Graph plugin and RSS changes that aid in podcasting that are LONG overdue.

I'm hoping this year's challenge can get me back to regularly blogging about gaming and development. It's a promise born every year I participate, and often a broken one; the result of life's constants interruptions and demands of family and career.

But certainly until next year... Keep Creating!

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