Thursday, 29 April 2021

Y is for Y'dey, Canoness of the Cult of St. Cuthbert

Canoness Y'dey, known to many in Nulb as Mother Screng, ran the aptly named Mother Screng's Herb Shop with her "daughter" Hruda. Both Y'day and Hruda, an elven thief named Murfles, operated in Nulb as agents of Law for Furyondy and Veluna, observing the decidedly evil influences in Nulb and the growing influences of the newly ascendent Temple of Elemental Evil.

Theren and Krieg's first encounters with the Temple left them seeking refuge in Nulb and the assistance of Mother Screng and Hruda came at the right time. The two agents provided shelter and healing, revealing to the heroes their mission.

The two agents could only provide shelter and could not abandon their mission without leaving the herb shop open to looting by itinerant population of river pirates in Nulb or risk discovery by those that lived in Nulb. This was especially true of Hruda that should she be discovered would immediately raise suspicion in the town.

With the Red Company's defeat of the Temple's newest elemental cults, Y'day and Murfles returned to Hommlet, but first burned the herb shop to the ground. Two bodies were discovered in the ashes and most in Nulb believe the "mother and daughter" to be dead. Y'day returned to Hommlet's temple of St. Cuthbert and Hruda to a company of adventurers led by Otis, also an agent and knight of Furyondy and Veluna that still runs a smithy in Nulb.

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