Wednesday, 28 April 2021

X is for Xakihn, Druid

Xakihn (ZAH-kin) was a druid in service of Iuz on Walworth Isle in the Nyr Dyv.

Druids in the service of Iuz might be best thought of as an "anti-druid." The protection of all things natural might be the furtherest aim of many Iuz's druids. Xakihn had made associations with General Azrené through her sisters operating in the island's main port, Admundfort.

Azrené's sisters had long come to the attention of the Red Company and to a sister, had fallen to their swords and hammers, but not without advancing her goals in each sacrifice; sacrifices that weighed heavily with Iuz's perverse sense of loyalty. Xakihn worked on the island to research glyphs of power associated with a powerful celestial magic. Intended for the observation of the objects in the night sky, these glyphs could easily draw the observed objects too close to Oerth, This unintentional result could easily be perverted to evil purpose if it could be controlled.

Xakihn achieved this perverse goal along side Shindara, Amara's sister. The glyphs, accompanied by an artifact in the form of an armillary sphere pulled a celestial object directly to the island. 

Xakihn and Shindara died on the island after the Red Company arrived on the island at the behest of the Lady Katarina of Critwall. The resulting destruction from the "meteorite" caused earthquakes in Admundfort that has loosened Iuz's hold on the island and forces of Law have relaunched efforts to secure the port and the Nyr Dyv from Iuz's pirates.

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