Tuesday, 27 April 2021

W is for The Welcome Wench

The Inn of the Welcome Wench is recognized by the stout wooden sign bearing a  buxom, smiling girl holding flagons of beer. Always filled with patrons, the Welcome Wench is a stop for traders and a myriad of other traveller and adventurers in the Village of Hommlet.

The Welcome Wench is run by Ostler, a friendly tavern keep of few words and sergeant of the Hommlet militia, and his family. Ostler can be found on the grounds of the Welcome Wench most hours and most days. He is known to use his position to learn about developments in Oerth and a reliable source of information to agents for the Kingdom of Furyondy.

The Red Company's first days in Hommlet were at the Welcome Wench. They secured work with parties interested in exploring ruins that took them to an abandoned moat house that was once an outpost for forces of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Today, the Welcome Wench remains busy and understaffed. Between the loss of a stable boy that came into unexpected riches and the demand for staff at Kriegmart, a trading post with locations throughout the realms of Law, Ostler hires from skilled travelers looking cheap or free lodging more often than not of late. Ostler does not lament the success of Kriegmart, but has been known to proudly point to a signed image of Krieg himself, a Knight of the Land of the Kingdom of Furyondy and founder of Kriegmart to any customer coming to or from the trading post. The image was a gift from Hugh, Krieg's well known agent in Oerth.

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