Monday, 26 April 2021

V is for Vog'dramach, Nalfeshnee

The few fiends left on Oerth soon find themselves in the service of Iuz or his Bonehearts. Vog'dramach, Vog for short, is one such fiend, a Nalfeshnee demon. Nalfeshnee demons are well known for their unmistakable hog-like appearance. Corpulent, foul smelling, and capable of flight (from two impossibly small wings on their back) or teleportation.

Vog is well known to the Red Company. Vog is plays two sides in a dangerous game. Allied with Iuz and something of an enforcer for General Azrené. The Red Company first met Vog in the dark tundra near Dorakaa on the "hunt" for escaped conscripts. Vog lost his "recruits," the same conscripts sought by the Red Company. He was later parlaying with the Red Company for replacements that he soon sent against the Red Company in a pitched battle in the Vesve forest. He lost a second time.

Vog is known to be an enforcer in General Azrené's ground forces. He was recently seen with Azrené's warriors beneath the Rift Canyon. He ordered the warriors to do their "duty" for the General and Iuz then quickly teleported away.

The Red Company has set a personal bounty on Vog. His skill at parlay will surely be tested on the day the Red Company comes to collect.

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