Saturday, 24 April 2021

U is for Ulaa, Goddess of Gemstones, Mountains, and Hills

Known too many dwarves as The Stonewife, Ulaa's priesthood is a formidable force protecting the mountains from those that would seek to exploit the riches found there: gold and silver veins, caves of gemstones, and more.

Her priests are often recognizable by their gem heavy warhammers. Many dwarf priests and priestess are seen wearing gems in their beards. Krieg, a member of the Red Company, has been whispered as a member of a more marital sect of the priesthood, wearing gems in his beard and wielding the warhammers Rocky Hammer and Whelm. Krieg has been known to offer his "beard gems" in service of Law throughout his campaigning lending some credibility to this rumor. Krieg has never denied this association.

Ulaa is the wife of Bleredd, The Iron Mule, god of Metal, Mines and Smiths. She wields Skull Ringer, a warhammer forged on the same anvil of Fury, the warhammer of Bleredd.

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